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Finding the Perfect Plus-Size Gown


Finding clothes can be a frustrating experience for any full-figured woman. Finding a wedding gown can be a frustrating experience for any bride. Combine the two, and you’ve got one extremely frustrating experience for any full-figured bride. But don’t fret just yet! The truth is every bride, regardless of size, has a dream dress waiting out there for her – she just has to know where to look for it. We’ve come up with some tips to make finding that perfect plus-size wedding dress a little bit easier.

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1. Know Where to Shop – Larger retail chains like David’s Bridal are a great starting point on your quest for the dress. They are more likely to have plus size wedding gowns you can actually try on, instead of leaving you to imagine how the size 8 samples would look on you. Remember: You don’t truly know the effect of any dress until you try it on! Additionally, smaller salons are starting to offer a more full-figured selection; some even cater exclusively to full-figured women. Call ahead to the boutiques and ask!

2. Know Your Shape – Obviously, you’ll want to find a dress that is best for your figure – so it helps to know what shapes complement your figure. An A-line shape is usually flattering to curvier figures because it skims over the hips. Avoid full ball gown skirts – they add an unforgiving roundness factor. It’s also best to avoid tea-length gowns as they tend to make women look shorter and ankle-heavy.

Jazzymea Photography as seen on TodaysBride.com3. Get comfortable – Even the world’s most beautiful dress won’t look nearly as beautiful if you feel uncomfortable. Our tip? Bring along of group of friends and family members who will help you forget any stressors or insecurities and get you to have fun on your outing. Above all, make sure you can move, talk and dance in your dress with ease.

4. Choose flattering materials – Ruched (ribbed, creased, folded or laced) fabrics look great on fuller frames because they effortlessly mask heavier areas. Think fabrics like satin or silk dupioni. Conversely, you might want to stay away from beading or appliqués – they tend to draw attention to applied areas.

5. Consider straps or sleeves – Strapless gowns may be a popular choice for a lot of brides, but curvy brides should beware. These gowns tend to widen your shoulders and arms. A cap or bell sleeve, however, will work wonders for accentuating your figure. Keep in mind that most bridal shops can add sleeves or straps to any dress you find on the showroom floor!Jazzymea Photography as seen on

6. Use what you’ve got – Just because you want to hide your problem areas, doesn’t mean you should hide the areas that work for you! A V-neck or sweetheart neckline will call attention to your figure – in a good way.

7. Get it tailored – No matter what size you are, your dress will look best if it’s altered specifically to fit your body. Subtle differences in how the dress fits you will make all the difference … and believe us, you’ll definitely appreciate the extra few dollars you spent on alterations once the compliments start pouring in!

8. Don’t be afraid to break the rules – Did you find a strapless ball gown that has your name all over it? Afraid to buy it just because it doesn’t meet our criteria? it is your special day – your opportunity to be a bride and have all eyes on you. When you find a wedding dress that sings to you, the one that would haunt you in your dreams if you didn’t buy it – then that’s the one to buy, regardless of the rules.

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I know how hard it is to buy a beautiful dresses if you are over-sized. Thank you.

Lisa Branley says:

It ‘s really great to know.Thank you for sharing.

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