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Preserving your Petals


After all is said and done, you’ll have a collection of wedding day keepsakes, and your bouquet will be among the most precious!  You might want to think about drying and preserving your bouquet – a task that needs to be completed as soon as possible after the wedding.

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Klodt Photography

Linda Saadeh of Timeless Moments Floral Preservation recommends making a consultation with a local freeze-drying company and getting everything set up beforehand.

The company you choose will be able to provide you with special instructions for care until your bouquet can be dropped off. Pre-planning is crucial is ensuring your bouquet arrives to the company in a timely manner & is set up for the best product possible!

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Jadie Foto

The morning after the wedding, have your maid of honor drop the bouquet off at your florist or a specialist who will freeze dry the bouquet, then frame or mount it behind a glass dome. Another awesome feature that Timeless Moments Flower Preservation has is getting your blooms transformed into fashionable jewelry! So you can carry your wedding bouquet with you every day.

Preserving your Petals | Preserving your wedding flowers and have them made into jewelry at Timeless Moments Flower Preservation and Jewelry | As seen on

Timeless Moments Flower Preservation Made Into Jewelry

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Timeless Moments Flower Preservation Shadow Box

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