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Inspiration: Bridal Shower Brunch


Between bridal showers, engagement parties, bridesmaids’ get-togethers, and spur of the moment celebrations, it’s hard to find a creative way to announce– again– that you’re getting married. The latest trend in creating a comfortable, casual atmosphere for your bridal shower is by inviting your closest friends and family to a brunch.

Whether you decide to have it at a friends’ house, a lovely lakeside locale, or in your own backyard (literally), this simple gathering evokes an air of casual ease, and is sure to keep the conversation flowing.

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Menu We know how hard it can be to please everyone– especially if children are welcome to your bridal shower– but who doesn’t love breakfast foods? Breakfast is the best meal of the day because it has so much variety! Offer your guests sweet selections like triangles of French Toast balanced on tiny shot-sized plastic cups of syrup or silver dollar pancakes speared onto kabobs with strawberries and bananas. If you’re like me and you can’t stomach a lot of sweetness in the morning, create a yogurt parfait bar with selections of granola and cereal, multiple flavors of yogurt, and fresh berries.

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Drinks You cannot have a proper brunch without mimosas, am I right? Fill plastic champagne flutes beforehand about 1/4th of the way up with champagne and feature a variety of juices for your guests to create their own cocktail concoctions.  For your guests who prefer a non-alcoholic option, set out chocolate and strawberry syrups to add to milk, or keep it plain!

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3&8 Photography

Games Trying to come up with original ideas for Bridal Shower games can keep you up at night. Worry no more! We present to you four fresh and fun games to keep your guests entertained.

  1. Who has the Groom? This game is perfect for all of my crafty brides and bridesmaids. Once you have an idea of how many guests will be attending your shower, find a picture of a basic tuxedo, photos of each of your groomsmen, some male celebrities, and of course, a picture of the groom. Once you’ve found all of these, you can cut off the mens’ heads and paste them onto the tuxedos. Gluing the entire ensemble onto a popsicle stick isn’t necessary, but offers the flimsy paper some structure. You can also decide whether or not you want the groom to be more visible to the winner by adding a red heart to their boutonniere. Tape each man to the underside of a seat when you’re setting up, and whoever chooses the seat where the groom is taped wins a prize!
  2. What’s in your phone? A new rendition of “What’s in your purse?,” you’ll create a list of things for your guests to find in their phone. Whoever has the most– and can prove it– wins! Some cute ideas are: Who has a photo of the engaged couple? Who has a selfie with the bride? Who has the diamond ring, bride, or groom emoji in their recently used list? Who has the bride and groom’s wedding date saved in their calendar? Who has the bride and groom’s first dance song on their music app? Who has a dating app?
  3. Help the Bride write her vows! In this fun mad-gab inspired game, each guest gets a card stock of pre-written vows with missing words. You can use a scripted one you find on Pinterest or a wedding blog, or make up your own! Your guests will enjoy creating funny or sentimental vows, but you’ll enjoy reading them even more.
  4. Building Memories You can play this sentimental game over and over again! Your guests will write out a memory they have of you on a block from the game Jenga, adding it to the structure when they’re done. Each guest will get the chance to pull one and read it out loud, and the bride will guess who wrote it. While some memories may bring a tear to the bride’s eye, some will also create an onslaught of belly-laughs.
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David Corey Photography

Favors If you want your favor to be extra special and unforgettable, check out our list of local vendors who can help make sure your gifts are as memorable and special as you. If you’re a DIY bride who wants to add a personal touch, play off of your brunch banquet with a small mason jar of honey and a cute note saying “Meant to Bee” or a small bottle of syrup announcing “Love is Sweet.” Both will insure that your guests think of you every time they pour it over their waffles, pancakes, and oatmeal. If you want to go in a completely different direction, a nail file with some polish and a “Mani Thanks” note will make sure that all of your guests have gorgeous nails for your big day.

There are so many other details that go into a Bridal Shower that we didn’t cover, but we hope this offers you a little inspiration to get started with your own planning! One of the most important parts, though, is to enjoy yourself and the time you spend with your guests. Make sure to keep a list of who bought you what, and always hand-write your thank you cards. If you have flowers at your shower, check out our article on Preserving your Petals to have a keepsake for a lifetime that will always remind you of the wonderful family and friends that surround you. What’s your next step from here? Plan your unforgettable Bachelorette Party with inspiration from our blog!

Stack of love letters on rustic wooden planks background

Stack of love letters on rustic wooden planks background


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