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Hello, brides-to-be! There are a million reasons why you should be going to our July Wedding Show, but just in case you need some more convincing, we’ve got some of Northeast Ohio’s wedding experts opinions on why you should be there, too!

We know that it can be a bit overwhelming when you walk into a convention center and see over 50 wedding vendors there. Where should you start? What questions should you ask? What trends should you look for? Luckily for you, we got some of the July Show vendors to give you their best advice and trends they see growing!



When registering for your wedding, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Does the $350 mint green KitchenAid catch your eye? You may not get it, and you’re not asking every single person on your guest list to buy it for you, so don’t feel bad scanning it! A group of friends might all chip in toward it, or maybe your aunts and uncles will all get together to surprise you with it. If you want it, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Dillard’s, however, is all about the experience when it comes to registering. Unlike some stores that just give you a scanner and let you roam free, Dillard’s is knowledgeable about the products they sell and are willing to inform you on which products are best and answer any questions you have. “A Dillard’s wedding specialist makes registering for great gifts an enjoyable experience” because they “consider our bridal couples as friends before, during, and after the wedding.” Known for it’s quality, you can always find great products for great prices when you’re shopping at Dillard’s.


Your honeymoon is the perfect way to de-stress after months of planning the perfect day. But what happens when you’ve never been out of the country and don’t know what all you need? What if the budget-friendly resort you found online isn’t quite as luxurious as advertised? How do you find the best deals at the best locations? Hire a Travel Agent. Travel Agents “take all of the burden off of the Bride & Groom so they can relax and enjoy this special time of their lives!” says J Sullivan Travel. You planned the perfect day, so revel in the fact that your planning is done, and let someone else take on all the stress of planning the perfect honeymoon.

A honeymoon is unique to each couple. What couple A enjoys may not be how couple B envisions spending their honeymoon. When looking at agents, both Traveling with Phyllis and J Sullivan Travel can’t stress enough how important knowledge and experience are. You want to be sure you’re getting matched with the ideal destination for you, and educated on what to expect when you get there! Just because your friend absolutely loved the resort in Jamaica that she stayed at doesn’t mean you will. Would you rather lay on the beach all day long, or learn about different culture and experience new excursions? Booking your honeymoon with an agent will ensure that you are getting exactly what you will enjoy. “Anyone can book you from Point A to Point B. That’s not what a honeymoon’s about. Your honeymoon memories will be with you for the rest of your life,” advises  Phyllis.

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It’s also important to find an agent who understands your vision. “The mechanics of travel planning is pretty much the same from agency to agency. Therefore, when you’re planning your destination wedding or honeymoon, you want to make sure you’re working with someone with whom you mesh. This is already a stressful time; you don’t want to add stress by working with vendors that don’t see your vision,” says Violet Clover Travel Group. When searching for your ideal honeymoon destination, you don’t want an agent who pushes you toward one resort that they love – you’ll want someone who wants what’s best for you. Finding an agent who will take the time to get to know you as an individual and as a couple so they can properly evaluate which destination will meet your needs and expectations is a huge part of booking a memorable honeymoon.

One big trend Phyllis sees is that couples are more interested in the experience than ever before. “It’s always been about the rooms – and it still is – but but even more so now, it’s about the experience. Whether it’s swimming with dolphins, a candlelight dinner on the beach, or going on excursion where they learn about a culture, a lot of couples want to share a specific memory or experience as part of their honeymoon.” A great way to do that is by having a Honeymoon Registry! By asking your guests to donate toward lifelong memories rather than material items, you may be able to add that extra excursion that you wanted but couldn’t afford to your itinerary.


All-inclusive resorts are a huge draw for newlyweds, according to J Sullivan Travel, and why not? With one fee, you get to kick your feet up, relax, and enjoy meals, drinks, and excursions at no added cost! A growing trend, however, is country hopping! Whether it’s taking the train through different cities in Europe or hopping from island to island in the Caribbean, “Brides and Grooms are no longer staying in one place for the duration of their honeymoon,” says Violet Clover Travel Group. “They are using their honeymoon as a time to experience several countries.” What better way to create the vacation of a lifetime than to see as many cultures as you can?


When packing for your getaway, you may decide to pack a “his” bag and a “her” bag. While that sounds great in theory, Phyllis reminds couples to put at least one day’s worth of clothes for her in “his” bag, and one day’s worth of clothes for him in “her” bag. That way if your bag gets lost, your honeymoon won’t be a complete disaster. You should have enough clothes to last you until your bag is found.

All of our contributing experts will be present to give more advice and answer any of your questions at our July 8th Show! Be sure to stop by your favorite vendors’ booths to see what trends they can help you execute flawlessly.



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