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Battling Wedding Day Jitters


We all get a little anxious when presented with a big event; speaking in front of a large group, making a big decision, or planning and executing an amazing event, for example. And your wedding day is a combination of all of these nerve-wracking experiences plus more! Fortunately for you, we have a few words of wisdom to help ease your nerves and amp up the excitement!

Nervous about proclaiming your love in front of 100+ guests? Can’t get through your vows without getting emotional? Have too much anxious energy running through your body? We’re addressing all of your wedding day concerns below!

If you’re stressed out from planning

Pamper yourself! Get a massage and a facial a few days before your wedding day. Take an aromatherapy bubble bath the night before. Take a night off and treat yourself to your favorite movie. It’s important to make time for yourself because that’s what your wedding day is all about. Take a moment to unwind and enjoy the fact that soon you’ll be done planning weddings and will instead take on the role of wifey.

If you have a lot of nervous energy

Shake it off…literally! If it’s a few days before your wedding your stomach is in knots, go for a run, a hike, or workout. Cycling classes, yoga in the park, or a kickboxing class are great ways to release some tension and get rid of those pre-wedding jitters.

If you wake up on the day of your wedding feeling the flutter of butterflies in your stomach, not to worry. Have a dance party with your bridesmaids to a Female Power Playlist filled with Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Miranda Lambert hits.

If you’re planning ahead and know you’ll be nervous on the day of your union, schedule time for a First Look. The First Look photo shoot is a sure-fire way to chase away those unwelcome nerves. Seeing your fiance will remind you what this day is all about and will give you time to just live in this moment and celebrate your love without all they eyes of your loved ones on you. When you think marriage, you may freak out a little, but when you see the one you love and remember that you’re marrying them, everything changes and suddenly, you’re more excited than nervous.

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Malick Photo

If you hate being the center of attention

Some people just don’t like all eyes on them. When those eyes belong to nearly 100 guests – or even more! – it makes them all the more nervous. If you’re one of those people, being a bride may sound intimidating, but don’t let it get to your head. One of the best pieces of advice for anyone when you’re in front of a large audience of any kind is to act like you’re playing a part. If you see it as if you’re playing in a movie and you have to play the part of a bride, you’ll find that it turns into more of a game rather than a performance where you’re center-stage.

There is a downside to this anxiety-reducer, though. If you get too invested in your role of playing the bride, you may not really enjoy the experience of actually being a bride. When you look back on your memories in years to come, they’ll be distorted because of this perspective you’ve taken on and won’t reflect your true emotions and feelings of the moment.

Our favorite trick to beat those nerves sounds super cheesy but trust us, it works. All you have to do is stare into your fiance’s eyes. Yep, that’s it. They say to fall in love with someone’s eyes because they never change throughout time, so when you’re walking down the aisle, when you’re reading your vows, when you’re having your first dance, simply look into your new husband or wife’s eyes and travel back to when you first fell in love. You won’t even remember there are dozens of people surrounding you; you’ll only notice the one person who matters.

If you want to make sure everyone has fun

Have fun yourself! Get out on the dance floor and get the party started, challenge a table to a Cornhole Tournament, or battle it out on Guitar Hero against your new in-law! People will follow suit when they see you enjoying yourself. And really, isn’t your happiness all that really matters on your day? Everyone is there to celebrate you, so if you’re having fun, they’ll be having fun.

Remember, your wedding day is the one day where you’re allowed to be selfish. If that means taking a few minutes to be alone with your thoughts, going for a stroll with your mom or best friend to talk through your nerves, or breaking tradition to see your fiance, don’t worry about what others will say or think! Do what makes you feel comfortable so you can enjoy every moment of this special occasion.

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