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Having Children in Your Wedding


Every couple wants their wedding ceremony to run smoothly. One aspect of the wedding will always remain unpredictable…children!

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Many couples have relatives and friends with children, or maybe even children of their own, who are cute as a button. Typically these children become flower girls and ring bearers, which make a charming addition to any wedding party. Yet, it’s quite possible their adorable ways can turn into antics fast without proper planning. If you are planning on having children in your wedding party, we have a few tips to make sure that your pint-size guests meet your expectations.

Keep in mind

Children love to be the center of attention. Your wedding day is all about you, not them. To make them feel special, take a few moments to show your appreciation. Before the ceremony, take a few pictures with them, tell them how cute they look, and give them a special gift just as you would the rest of your wedding party.

For ceremonies taking place in the afternoon or evening, make sure your flower girl and ring bearer have a nap beforehand to avoid any cranky behaviors. Other pre-ceremony musts are using the restroom to avoid any “I have to go” dances, a light snack, a double check of clothing for stains, going over instructions, and giving praise. Give them confidence and reassurance so they don’t freeze when all eyes are looking at them walking down the aisle.

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come prepared

Prevent children from being uncomfortable by providing a snack before and after the wedding ceremony. Choose snacks that will not make a mess nor stain clothing, like crackers, string-cheese, sugar cookies, and small bottles of water. Package treats in coordinating bags, embellished with ribbons and personalized name tags. Prepare treats for more than just your flower girl and ring bearer; other young children (if invited) will also become antsy sitting through the ceremony. Designate a parent or older child to pass out the treat bags.

Even though the flower girl and ring bearer are part of the wedding party, they may not be the most patient when standing during the vow exchange. Consider letting them sit in the front row during the ceremony, but make sure that their parent or grandparent will be seated beside them. Then let them rejoin the party during the processional. Also make sure that the child’s parent or another family member is prepared to scoop up the child if a tantrum breaks out.Of course, every bride hopes that this doesn’t happen, but knowing that someone is prepared will give you peace of mind.

Another widely accepted tip is to have fake rings attached to the pillow for the ring bearer to carry. Depending on the age of the child, younger children have a tendency to drop and lose things. Giving the real rings to the best man and maid of honor will ensure they’re kept safely.

be attentive

It’s important to show any children in your party praise and attention immediately following the ceremony. Typically, this is a time of celebration when all the attention turns to the bride and groom, but children can sometimes become confused on what to do next. Give them a hug, thank them, and let them know that you will see them later if you have decided that children will be allowed at your reception. If so, save them a dance!

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Hopefully these tips help you start brainstorming on what to expect and how to be prepared for your younger wedding party guests!

For more Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Inspiration, visit our Pinterest Board!


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