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Wedding Signage Part II – Ceremony


One huge decor staple in weddings lately is signage. Using mirrors, windows, planks of wood, leather, or chalkboards, engaged couples can create an inexpensive yet classy way to display all the information they want their guests to know.

ceremony signage

This is arguably the most important signs to have at your wedding. They announce that your guests have arrived at the right venue, give any instruction that guests should know about your ceremony – like seating arrangements, unplugged requests, or directions – or get your guests in the right spirit with a beautiful quote or verse.

Ceremony Signage | OH Snap! Photography | As Seen on

OH Snap! Photography

Ceremony Signage | Sabrina Hall Photography | As Seen on

Sabrina Hall Photography

Ceremony Signage | Orchard Photography | As seen on

welcome signs

Welcome signs like the ones above may not seem necessary to you, but trust us, the guests will really appreciate them. Having a sign announcing that they’re in the right place, telling them where they need to go, or even just simply saying “Welcome” or “Thanks for Coming” can ease their nerves when approaching a new situation or venue.

Ceremony Signage | Jadie Foto | As seen on

Ceremony Signage | Klodt Photography | As Seen on

These signs are typical to use at a ceremony site, but not required. If you want to be sure that your teammates from college don’t sit in the row reserved for family or you want to make sure that no one’s cell phone or tablet blocks your photographer from getting a great shot, consider making a sign to instruct them. Don’t feel the need to get extravagant; a simple wooden sign, chalkboard, mirror, or antique window will incorporate into your decor without breaking your budget.

Some other great wording ideas are “Come as you are, stay as long as you can. We’re all family, so no seating plan!” and “Choose a seat, not a side. We’re all family once the knot is tied!”

Quotes or humor

One of our favorite traditions is having the ringbearer and/or flower girl carry a sign as they walk down the aisle. Drape it over a wagon, tie it around their neck, or have them hold something that reads “Just wait until you see her,” “Last chance to run,” or “Don’t worry, ladies. I’m still single.”

Ceremony Signage | Cassie Rosch Photography | As seen on

Quotes that echo your love for each other or completely emulate your relationship are so fun to incorporate into your ceremony because they add sentimentality. Check out our Pinterest board for great ideas like “When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew,”  “With my whole heart, for my whole life,” or “You will forever be my always.” Please excuse us while we go dab away our tears.



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