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Choosing Your Wedding Party


You’ll be making a lot of decisions throughout your wedding planning process. One of the very first decisions you’ll make after accepting a proposal is choosing who will stand beside you on your wedding day. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing your wedding party.

There are a lot of questions you’ll be asking yourself as you compile a list of possible bridesmaids and groomsmen. What if I have 6 best friends but he only has 4? Do I have to have my cousins in my party? What if I ask someone and they say no? If my best friend is a guy, does he have to stand on the groom’s side? We have the answers for you, and they all follow one simple rule: There are no rules when it comes to your wedding party.

Compiling Your List

Your list of possible wedding party members will have multiple drafts. Friendships grow, evolve, and sometimes wither away over time, and that’s okay. Draft a list of everyone and anyone you would like to be beside you as you go through this process as well as the people you think “should” be included – like your cousin, your fiance’s sister, a friend of your’s who you were a bridesmaid for, etc.

Once you have that list, create another list. When you compile this list, close your eyes and imagine who you could not plan your wedding without. When you’re choosing your dress, who do you imagine being there to help you decide? When you’re stressing out over the budget, who clears their day and comes over with comfort food to help you figure it out? Who do you want to stand beside you, holding your bouquet or perfecting your train as you marry your best friend? This is what we call the “bare bones” list, and it’s okay if it’s only 2 or 3 people.

Your actual list of wedding party members will fall somewhere between these two extremes.

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How to eliminate members.

It’s important to sit down and discuss your list with your fiance. They may have opinions or bring up important people you may have left out of your list. Plus, if there’s anyone you’re wavering on, they can help you make the decision.

Eliminate anyone who won’t contribute to your happiness on the day of your wedding. This day will be the happiest of your life, and you don’t want any Debbie Downers there to ruin things. We’re huge advocates of eliminating anyone who you feel obligated to have. Don’t include someone on your list just because you were in their wedding. If you know one of your parents wants someone in the party but you don’t, you may want to cut them. We do warn that you should weigh the consequences first. Discuss with your partner and weigh the outcome before making your decision.

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Do we have to have the same number of people in our parties?

When you and your partner are comparing lists, remember that you don’t have to have the same number in your respective parties. If you only want your two sisters to stand beside you but he wants to have his four best friends, that’s okay! We do recommend sticking to even numbers, though, as it will guarantee that you’re always in the middle of the photo.

If my best friend is a guy, does he have to stand on the groom’s side?

In cases like this, there really isn’t a norm. We suggest talking to that friend to see how they would feel and where they would choose to stand. If they’re close friends with all of the girls in your party, they’ll probably be more comfortable standing with the bridesmaids. It’s probably best not to have the groomsmen and bridesmaids walk down the aisle together arm in arm, though. Ideally, the “brides-mate” should be included in all of the typical bridesmaid traditions, like the bachelorette party and bridal shower. However, it would again be a good idea to ask what he would prefer.

Check out this bride’s photo shoot getting ready with her “brides-mates!”

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Six Seven Fourteen

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Your Happily Ever After

How to Ask

Once you have your final list, it’s time to pop the question. You may think that spending money and time on custom gifts to ask your party is a waste, but if you’ve never been a bridesmaid or groomsmen before you know what a dedication it is. You may not realize just how much time and money they’re agreeing to devote to your wedding. Attending and planning your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner requires a lot of time. Then, they have to pay for any travel expenses, gifts, attire and accessories, and more! Not to mention running wedding errands and dealing with your stress. They will stick by your side even when you request they try on 16 different dress styles and they won’t complain when you ask for their help addressing all your invitations.

Here are some of our favorite ways to ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to join your wedding party!

What if they say no?

While it may hurt your feelings a bit if a friend denies your request, try not to take it personally. Know that if someone says no it’s probably because they want your day to be as perfect as you do. They just don’t want to mess anything up with their responsibilities, financial obligations, etc. Timing plays a huge part in wedding planning, and sometimes it doesn’t agree with where your friends are in their life. Be respectful of their answer, and try not to see it as a rejection.

Hopefully, choosing your wedding party isn’t a difficult decision (especially when compared to choosing a venue in beautiful Northeast Ohio or deciding which cake flavor to serve!), but it is one that is deserving of some thought and consideration. Though you don’t have to make this decision alone, don’t let anyone else make the decision for you! Have those who mean the most to you stand by your side when you say “I Do.”

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