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What Type of Honeymoon Couple Are You?


Are you trying to decide on a honeymoon destination?  From beaches to big cities, and everything in between, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the world of possibilities. Finding out what kind of honeymoon couple you are can make finding the destination so much easier!

Well-meaning friends and family members might be quick to offer suggestions. However, those are usually based on their own travel preferences. When it comes to choosing a honeymoon spot, the best options are the ones that match your personality as a couple.  Look back on your past travel experiences. Discuss what you liked or disliked about each trip.  Even if you haven’t done much traveling, you can think about the activities you enjoy in your free time.  See if you identify with one of these travel personalities:

Beach Bums

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Although your everyday lives may be hectic, you look forward to times when you don’t have to follow a schedule.  You enjoy lazy Sunday mornings spent reading and sipping coffee.  You crave sunshine and a tropical breeze, and prefer to spend most of your vacation time within a few feet of a lounge chair.

Destination Ideas:  Dominican Republic, Antigua, Mexico

Active Adventurers

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You tend to go stir-crazy if you sit in one place too long. Weekends usually involve some type of pulse-pounding activity.  You enjoy the challenge of pushing yourself to new limits, or the thrill of an adrenaline rush.  You aren’t opposed to relaxation, but prefer if it follows a day of epic adventure.

Destination Ideas:  Costa Rica, Alaska, New Zealand, Hawaii

Culinary Connoisseurs

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Your favorite way to experience a destination is through your taste buds.  You avoid chain restaurants and prefer craft beer over mass-produced brands.  Your weekend plans tend to revolve around food, whether it’s sampling the newest neighborhood restaurant or hitting the local farmers market for fresh ingredients to cook your own gourmet feast.

Destination Ideas:  Italy, New York City, France, Tokyo

Exotic Explorers

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You don’t like following the crowd, and some of your favorite memories are from times when you’ve wandered off the beaten path.  You enjoy experiencing different cultures, and you’ve probably tried learning a foreign language.  You’re comfortable finding your way around unfamiliar places, even if it means an occasional wrong turn.

Destination Ideas:  Thailand, Dubai, Iceland, Turkey

What’s Next?

Remember that you don’t have to figure things out on your own!  A travel agent will get to know you before making personalized suggestions and offering expert advice about destinations, hotels, and activities for your honeymoon. Each traveler has a different personality, and a good agent can suggest ways to balance both sets of preferences in one great getaway.

As romance travel specialists, our LoveShack Vacations agents have seen these travel personalities—and many more —while helping hundreds of couples plan their honeymoons.  Our team members thoroughly research travel options, often drawing on first-hand experience from touring destinations and resorts, so they can offer expert guidance to their clients.

Schedule your complimentary consultation today, and get started planning the trip of a lifetime!


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