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The Accessories You Just Can’t Forget


While the bridal gown is certainly the star attraction of your wedding ensemble, the accessories will play a supporting role.

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The first place to start is at the top. Veils are very commonplace, but vary in styles from ultra-formal blushers (veils that cover your face and are lifted at a certain point in the service) to classic lace mantillas.

Not surprisingly, veils also range in length. Although there are no set-in-stone rules, certain veils do seem to match certain gowns. A very formal wedding gown – say with a chapel or cathedral length train – will best be set off by a full-length veil, usually extending one foot past the train.

A standard length veil, to the elbow or fingertip, complements every gown silhouette. Shorter and/or less formal dresses, on the other hand, nearly beg for a stunning birdcage veil.

A tasteful tiara – one that is simple and lightweight – is a popular alternative to a veil. A few other “hair jewelry” ideas to consider include the following: a fabric headband (lace is especially popular!), that treasured family brooch, or even flowers that match your bridal bouquet.

Gloves are optional depending on the degree of formality & the style of your wedding gown. A wide variety of glove lengths & materials are now available. It’s important, however, to make sure that the glove is open for the ring finger during the ceremony. Your engagement ring can be worn under the glove on the right hand & transferred afterward.

Your jewelry is one of the next things you’ll want to consider – and believe it or not, there are a lot of factors to weigh before making your selection. First, you’ll want to figure out what type of metal looks best with the shade of your gown. Gold pieces tend to clash with a white gown, so in that case, you’d want to stick with pearls or platinum. An ivory gown, however, looks stunning with gold jewelry that will highlight the creamy tint of the fabric.

Next, you’ll need to take your gown’s neckline into account. V-neck gowns, for example, typically look best with a simple pendant on a thin chain. Single- or double-stranded pearls with matching or diamond drop earrings can also make for a classic touch. For the ever-popular sweetheart and strapless gowns, it might be best to skip the necklace altogether and just focus on a gorgeous pair of chandelier earrings!

Whereas most brides want their jewelry to be as elegant as possible, shoes should fall in that gray area between fashion and function. Remember that you will be standing on your feet for most of the affair. The last thing you want to have to deal with is pain that limits your mobility and enjoyment.

Consider two pairs of shoes – one formal pair for the ceremony and arrival at the reception, then another comfortable & more casual pair for the rest of the night. Before making your final shoe selection, be sure to try on your wedding dress with your shoes to make sure they actually match as perfectly as they do in your mind.

Picking out accessories for your wedding should definitely not be a stressful task – you’ll have plenty of time to shop around and peek at all the different styles and color options. While looking for your own accessories, you might want to keep your bridesmaids’ accessories in mind as well. Above all else, enjoy yourself!


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