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10 Wedding Planning Tips for the Week Before your Wedding


It’s your week of your wedding – finally! After months of wedding planning, you either feel like you have everything left to do, or you’re concerned by how calm and relaxed you feel. Either way, there are a few things that you should check off your master list in the final days leading up to you saying “I Do.”

  1. Make it official

    Get your marriage license and change your name! If you’re traveling out of the country for your honeymoon, wait to change your name until you get back so your passport matches. You can obtain your license at the probate court in your county. Bring along your original birth certificates and ask for several copies of your license (to submit to social security, use to change your name at banks and utility bills, etc.). Prices and waiting periods vary based on your resident county, so call to double check!

  2. De-stress

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    It’s so important that you aren’t stressed out as your wedding day approaches. Stress leads to breakouts, dull skin, less-than-beautiful hair, and an attitude problem. If you have too much energy, try working out, taking a walk, writing some poetry, taking a bubble bath, meditating, or reading a good book.

  3. Check-in with your day-of vendors

    For all of the vendors who will be attending your wedding – like the DJ or band, caterers, beauty stylists, officiant, rental, floral, and cake deliverers, photographer, videographer, wedding planner, and venue coordinator – you should send an email or call them to check-in. Finalize any details – like song playlists or napkin colors – and ensure that they know their arrival and delivery times. Ask any last minute questions.

  4. Wrap gifts to your bridal party, spouse, and parents

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    You should have gifts for your flower girl, ring bearer, bridesmaids, and spouse-to-be. While gifts for your parents and your future in-laws are optional, it’s a nice touch to buy them a meaningful gift that shows them how much you appreciate their support. The week before your wedding is a good time to make sure you’ve bought gifts for everyone and they are in good condition. Wrap and label each gift so it’s easy for you to present them on the day of your wedding.

  5. Break-in your wedding day shoes

    If you bought brand new shoes to dance the night away in, you will definitely need to break them in or suffer some painful blisters. Wear thick winter socks and walk around your house or apartment for about thirty minutes a day the week before your wedding. Using a blow-dryer while sporting your kicks in thick socks will make the leather more pliable and will help it conform to your foot for a better, more comfortable fit.

  6. Pamper yourself

    Wedding Planning Tips | As seen on todaysbride.comAfter months of planning, meeting with vendors, adjusting your budget, and overall stressing out, you deserve a little pampering! The week before your wedding is the perfect time to get a massage, facial, and mani/pedi. Not only will you feel more beautiful, but your skin will be rejuvinated, your nails will be ready for those up-close photos of your engagement ring and wedding band, and you’ll feel more relaxed. We also suggest drinking lots of water and getting a good amount of sleep each night to look and feel your best on the morning of your wedding.

  7. Rehearse your vows and make final edits

    At this point, you should’ve written your vows, but you may not have read them out loud. Now is the time to do so! Stand in front of a mirror and read your vows to yourself or to a trusted family member or friend. You’ll know if it sounds to scripted or fake, or if it just doesn’t feel like it’s you saying the words. You want your vows to be natural and meaningful; not staged and rehearsed. Though it’s important not to overdo practicing, you should definitely make sure that you’re comfortable saying everything out loud and make any final edits a few days before.

  8. Prepare for your honeymoon

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    When you’re preparing for your honeymoon, don’t assume that as long as you’re packed, you’re ready,. You’ll want to ask someone to collect your mail or tell the post office to hold it for you, as well as find someone to watch any pets and water any plants you have. Make sure you have an overnight bag with a change of shoes and clothing once you depart your reception venue, along with your luggage for the honeymoon.

  9. Double-check departure details

    There are so many little details that you may have missed in your wedding planning. While you found the perfect dress and designed the most gorgeous centerpieces, did you figure out how much to tip each vendor? Did you assign your maid-of-honor to dispose of or donate your flowers? Who is taking home all of your gifts? Sort your tips into individual, labeled envelopes and make sure everyone knows their duties for the day-of and that everything is taken care of once you depart.

  10. Spend time with your fiance

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    This is your last chance to call him or her your fiance! In just a few days, they will become your husband or wife, so take advantage of these last few moments of pre-marital bliss. Reminisce on how you first met and when you got engaged. Visit your favorite restaurant or attraction or find a new spot to call “your place.” Enjoy just being together and remind yourselves of the reason you planned this wedding in the first place: because you can’t wait to marry the love of your life and your best friend.

The last few months have all been leading up to this! In just a few days, you’ll be married – which is both exciting and nerve-wracking! Make sure everything runs smoothly and that you’re feeling comfortable and relaxed – and remember that regardless of the color of your linens or the length of the toasts, this day will be the most wonderful day of your life.


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