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How to Throw the Perfect Engagement Party


Let it be known that the countdown has started by kicking off the wedding festivities with an engagement party!

He popped the question and you said “Yes!” This calls for a celebration! After telling the good news to both sets of parents but before having an engagement photo shoot, you should announce this news to family and close friends! An engagement party is the perfect way to do that. Plus, it allows you to enjoy this moment before you start stressing over planning the wedding.

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The engagement party is relatively uncharted territory compared to other wedding-related events. Details like location, guest list, and timing can confuse couples.


Engagement parties are usually thrown soon after the engagement. Too many events in a short time can be overwhelming for both you and your guests. Bridal showers are typically one to three months before the wedding. If the wedding is any less than a year after your engagement, make sure it’s practical to throw an engagement party.

If the thought of planning yet another event has your head spinning, don’t worry. Having an engagement party is not a necessity.


From intimate dinners to blowout bashes, anything goes for an engagement party. There are no strict rules about where it should be held, who should host, or who should be invited. Traditionally, the bride’s parents organize a formal engagement party announcing their daughter’s wedding. These days friends or relatives can also do it.


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Allow the type of event to dictate your guest list. When inviting guests from out- of-town, you should consider that traveling to yet another event could be difficult. Extend the invitation, but make sure they know it’s okay if they can’t make it.

There are also no rules when it comes to how you should send invites for an engagement party. If it’s a more formal event, feel free to send cardstock invitations. If this option is a bit too pricey, there are other ways to spread the word. Word-of-mouth, sending e-vites, or creating a Facebook event page are different ways to invite guests without breaking the bank. While sending invitations online is a major faux-pas when it comes to your actual wedding, it’s perfectly fine for the engagement party.

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There are a variety of ideal locations for engagement parties. Having an engagement party at someone’s home may set a less formal, more intimate tone, but can be a burden to the host. Hiring a caterer can take stress off everyone.

When choosing music, it’s important to think about the mood you want to create. Music shouldn’t make it difficult for guests to mingle — a pianist, guitarist, or harpist can add to the ambiance without taking over. Because an engagement party is typically more subdued than a wedding reception, a full band or a DJ is rare, but certainly not out of the question!

Being engaged is such an exciting time, and most couples tend to breeze over the joy of the moment in order to start planning their nuptials. A fabulous engagement party allows you to fully embrace the idea and excitement of being engaged! Plus, it will set the mood for all the festivities to follow. Need another reason to throw one? Engagement parties are an easy way to bring both worlds together before the wedding so you won’t have the added pressure of introducing everyone for the first time on the big day! Want to celebrate your engagement in a different way? Relax from the stress of planning with an engagement-moon!


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