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Men’s Attire Guide to a Summer Wedding


If you are getting married outside in the summer heat, then you probably planned your wedding dress accordingly. Most likely something light that won’t make you sweat. But what about your new husband? Make sure he stays cool in the blazing sun so you don’t see sweat marks through his brand new suit!


This is arguably the most important aspect to consider when trying to stay fresh and cool on your wedding day. You may think that he should wear a suit rather than a tuxedo to your outdoor wedding. It’s more casual and lightweight, right? Not true! “A tuxedo doesn’t mean that it’s going to be hotter than a suit,” says Nancy from Tuxedo Junction. “The fabric is what makes an item cooler to wear. Most of our tuxedos are made of 100% worsted wool or super 100% wool,” Nancy says of their tuxes. Fabrics like wool, cashmere, and tweed are very stylish and clean-cut, but get the reputation of being a warmer fabric. “People think that wool is hot, but it’s not really. Polyester is what makes a garment hotter because it’s synthetic,” Nancy advises. Choosing a breathable fabric – like super 100% wool – will keep you cool during an outdoor wedding.

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Linen is one of the most popular fabrics if you are looking for a lightweight suit. If you are having a formal summer wedding, this is definitely the suit for you. Although the material isn’t heavy, it still has a very clean look and will make sure you look just as chic standing next to your stunning bride! However, remember that linen does wrinkle and stain very easily. Try finding a linen suit with a cotton blend. It’s just as lightweight, but it will cut back on extensive wrinkles. There are no tips for not staining your suit, just try not to eat like a caveman.


This is a little more casual than linen, but you can still find ways to dress it up! Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics you will find for a suit. If you are known to sweat a lot in the scorching sun, this is the suit for you because it absorbs moisture very well. It’s also perfect as an undershirt! “A cotton undershirt is always a good idea because it does whisk away the perspiration and keeps it from the shirt,” says Nancy from Tuxedo Junction. However, remember to wear a darker color so you don’t see pit stains in pictures! Keep in mind that although cotton is breathable, it is not very flexible, so you might feel a little restricted in this fabric.


Silk is known to be exceptionally breathable and comfortable. If you are getting married on an extremely hot day silk would be the way to go. This fabric it is known to keep you the coolest. It’s great for any summer wedding because it is easy to dress up, but also looks great if you are trying to keep it casual. The one major downside to silk is it does not absorb moisture at all, so if you know you sweat a lot, maybe stick to cotton.


If you like to dress a little outside of the box, this suit is for you! We are absolutely loving this fun, vintage look. Seersucker suits are known to keep you cool as a cucumber because they typically do not have lining. They come in tons of fun colors, and the already crinkled look to them means you don’t have to worry about ironing. They can be a little pricey compared to other suits. However, you can wear this to more than just your wedding, so it is definitely worth the money!


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Shoes are a great way to make your summer suit fit your wedding style. If your wedding is going to be a formal event, leather lace-ups are always a good go to. If you want a formal look that has more of a summer style to it, try a light colored penny loafer! They pair perfectly with any suit, but we love it best with a linen fabric.

For a more casual look, try a white suede shoe. We know, white can be a little risky, but these shoes look best when they look a little worn down. Wear this shoe with a darker colored suit like navy or dark gray and you will look sharp! Don’t worry, if white is a little too risky, any light colored suede shoe will make sure you look casual yet stylish for your summer wedding.

Other helpful tips

When it comes to colors, beige and other lightly colored suits look great for a summer wedding and will keep you cooler. However, for people who sweat a lot, a darker colored suit with a light colored shoe would probably work best so you do not see your sweat stains in every photo.

If your summer wedding has a super casual and playful feel to it, try out the new trend of suit-shorts! This look is definitely for the non-traditional couple. It’s a great and modern way to stay cool while still rocking the suit. This look works best with a casual shoe.

Visit these local menswear shops to find your perfect suit or tux and visit a Today’s Bride Show to get exclusive discounts and show specials! No matter what the style of your wedding is, you want to make sure that you stay cool and comfortable! Keep in mind to match the style to your bride and the wedding theme, and you will be the second best-dressed person there – no one trumps the bride, of course.


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