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Booking Vendors at a Bridal Show


When you visit the upcoming Today’s Bride Show, you’ll be excited by the visual inspirations, live demos, fashion shows, freebies, samples, and meeting so many vendors who can help you plan your wedding! You may just use this time to get inspired by new ideas, but you should take advantage of the companies and savings there!

Most millennials, understandably, don’t like making spontaneous decisions. They like to weigh their decisions, determine the pros and cons, and make the best decision for them. However, there are some benefits to not waiting – especially when it comes to booking at a bridal show.

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they’re reliable and credible

The vendors who will be exhibiting at the Today’s Bride Wedding Shows are reliable and experienced. They’re not random Joe Schmo’s who sell you this great deal then run off with your deposit. Because they invested in their booth space, you can feel confident that they are credible and dedicated to their craft. They will do everything they can to make sure your wedding is absolutely perfect and keep you happy. After all, they’ve done this hundreds of times before.

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Get your date before it’s booked

Because most weddings are held on a weekend, dates can book up quickly. Most vendors are already booking their 2020 and even 2021 calendars! By making your deposit at the show, you are reserving your date so that it cannot be booked by any other couple. If you wait too long, you may end up with no DJ, be forced to change seasons/months, or even have to postpone your wedding an entire year!

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show discounts don’t last long

One of the most convincing reasons to book your vendors on the day of the show is that you can save money! The majority of vendors offer show specials. This means they have special packages or discounted rates that are exclusive to show attendees! You can save hundreds of dollars, create custom bundles, or have an add-on thrown into your contract for free! These prices aren’t typical, and you won’t find them on their pamphlet or brochure. It’s an exclusive, special, limited time offer only available for that day or possibly a few days after the show. If you go home to think on it and decide three months later that you want to book this venue, don’t expect to get the same rates you were offered at the show!

find out what show specials are being offered at the January 12th Akron Wedding Show!

they’re the best of the best

Typically, you’re going to meet with the best in the industry at a Today’s Bride Show. These people set standards, predict new trends, and execute award-winning work. Whereas some wedding vendors do this on the side – it’s a part-time gig or a hobby – most of these vendors do this full-time and dedicate their life to perfecting their work. Sure, hiring your second cousin to do photography may be cheaper, but if you want quality, experience, and professionalism, look to the experts at the show.

save yourself time and stress

We understand that wedding planning is stressful. How wonderful does it sound to walk in to the wedding show with a to-do and to-hire list and walk out with it completely checked-off? You won’t have to sneakily research florists at work or book your weekends with appointments and consultations. By booking with the professionals at the Today’s Bride Show, you’ll have less to stress about and more time to spend with your fiance.

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access to new trends before they become popular

It’s true! Some up-and-coming trends will be on display at the show. We’re talking trends that other brides don’t even know about yet! You can see and book them first – before they become popular and impossible to reserve. If you want your wedding to be unique and memorable, don’t wait to book these incredible new trends and technologies.

Making a decision as big as booking your wedding vendors is scary no matter when you do it. Whether you book at the show or a few months later, you’ll be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. Waiting doesn’t make your decision – or parting with your hard-earned money – any easier, so why wait? You’ll save yourself time, money, and stress.

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