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Top Trends for a Garden Theme Wedding


Choosing a theme for your wedding can be fun until you go shopping. What defines a Garden Theme Wedding? How can you create an environment that will relay your theme without looking tacky? First, you’ll need lots and lots of flowers…

Shade for Ceremony

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Gideon Photography

If you’re having a garden themed wedding, odds are it’s being held in…well…a garden. Or an outdoor venue of some sort. That being said, It’s thoughtful to provide some shade for your guests! Ceremonies can last a long time depending on the reading and music selections. Choose a shady spot under a pavilion, pergola, tree, or create your own shade with large umbrellas or a tent!

Fan Programs

Garden Theme Wedding | Gideon Photography | As seen on

Gideon Photography

Another way to keep your guests cool is by providing them with fans. Why not kill two birds with one stone by making that paper useful? Make your fans serve double duty as a program letting your guests know where and when things are happening throughout the day. Include a little about how you met or your proposal story, introduce the wedding party with their bios, or include romantic quotes and lyrics! Your stationery expert will work with you to come up with a design you love!





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Lindsey Gage Photography

Choosing decor that complements each other and creates a garden theme can be difficult. You don’t want everything too matchy-matchy, but you don’t want them to look completely out-of-place, either. When shopping, think Victorian and rustic. Antique furniture alongside rustic windows or shutters makes for a cohesive garden look. Of course, adding a handful of flowers wherever you can never hurts. You can also include common garden finds, like gnomes, fountains, stone benches, lanterns, watering cans, and garden carts!

Custom Dance Floor

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Steve Steinhardt Photography

If you’re having your reception outdoors, you should consider putting down a custom dance floor. Guests’ shoes sinking into the grass makes for an empty dance floor. Many rental companies have dance floor options, and you can customize them with a lighting or vinyl logo or image! If you can’t afford a dance floor or don’t like the obtrusive look, consider placing down rugs or passing out flip flops as wedding favors.

Lounge Area

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Dana Cubbage Photography

Garden Theme Wedding | Gideon Photography | As seen on

Gideon Photography

Lounge areas are so popular right now! If you’re hosting a garden theme wedding, a lounge is almost required! Provide a comfortable spot for guests to sit and rest their feet. Rugs, Victorian couches, wingback chairs, ornate side tables, ottomans, or even swings are essential to creating a welcoming lounge. Place it near the bar so guests can grab a drink and sit to chat while sipping. A shaded place – like under a tree or large umbrellas – will make it even more inviting.

Floral Table Runner

Garden Theme Wedding | Axioo Bali Photography | As seen on

Axioo Bali Photography

Garden Theme Wedding | Axioo Bali Photography | As seen on

Axioo Bali Photography

If you’re having a king’s table or long head table, talk to your florist about making a runner. Made from fresh or silk flowers (silk will keep away the bees), floral runners are a definite statement piece. You can be sure your guests will be talking about this dramatic and gorgeous floral arrangement and your photos will look stunning. Just be sure that your guests have enough space to eat!

Print Tablecloths

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Leila Brewster Photography

If you’re having round or square tables at your reception, spice things up with a bit of color! Who says things need to stay neutral? With a garden wedding, you’re free to play with colors and prints. Mix and match prints or pair a solid linen with a bright napkin or table runner!

Hanging Flowers

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Al Gawlik Photography

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Lauren Fair Photography

Whether you’re celebrating in a tent, greenhouse, banquet hall, or al fresco, take advantage of the space by going vertical! Hang chandeliers or flower arrangements, or drape garland or fairy lights for an eye-catching piece to complete your reception space.

Want to see even more inspiration for hanging features? Check out our Pinterest board!


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Corner House Photography

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Gypsy Jane Photography

Keep the theme going with your favors by inviting your guests to make their very own garden! Provide a packet of seeds with their escort cards or let them grab a potted plant on their way out! As their plant or garden grows over the years, so will your love! And they’ll be reminded of how beautiful your wedding was every time they look at it.

Watching your wedding theme come to life is so exciting and satisfying when it’s done correctly. One way to ensure everything embodies your theme is to choose ONE decor element that inspires you. When shopping, ask yourself “Will this item match my inspiration piece?” and “Does this piece make me smile?” If either answer is no, put it back. Still nervous? Hiring a wedding consultant will ensure that your theme is executed to perfection!


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