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New Videography Trends and Technology


Wedding videography has changed a lot since the days of watching your parents’ 4-hour reception tape. With the 21st century and modern technology have come so many new and creative ways to film and edit your wedding video making it a memento that you’ll want to watch every day!


As an added feature, this package enhancement will add some dollars to your price tag. The resulting film, though, is so worth it! Drones can fly above your ceremony as guests arrive and greet each other, circle you as you recite your vows, and show great views of your venue. Drones are a fun and innovative way to vary perspectives in your wedding video so it’s not static or monotonous.


Same-Day Editing

Some videographers may offer Same-Day Editing. This means that they can take the film captured as you get ready and at your ceremony and edit it before the reception. You can display it on a blank wall, have a projection on your cake, or set up a table with a small television for guests to watch your same-day wedding video. Keep in mind that while you may be able to receive a copy of this video, it is not the final editing copy. Your version will include moments from the reception and will have special effects, better sound quality, and smoother editing.

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Blooper Reels

Everyone loves watching bloopers! Ask your videographer if it’s possible to add a short blooper reel at the end of your wedding video or a separate short video to share on social media. Some of the clips can include Grandma dancing the Cha Cha Slide, two single ladies fighting over the bouquet, your bridesmaid nearly falling as you dance around your bridal suite getting ready, guests messing up their interviews/well-wishes, or whatever else funny and unexpected happened!

Save-the-Date Video

Many engaged couples have taken advantage of this wonderful world of technology and social media by creating Save-the-Date videos! Not only are these videos fun to make, but they can be used on your wedding website and social media, and will help the environment! During your engagement shoot, invite a videographer to attend and get some shots of you posing for the photographer, laughing, walking hand in hand, and holding up your wedding date! These videos can even include the proposal if planned far enough in advance!

Wedding videos are so much fun to watch and rewatch with your new spouse, family, and future generations and can be a great way to include any guests who couldn’t make it to the wedding! Ask your videographer about different trends and technologies to see how you can make your wedding video simply one-of-a-kind!

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