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Overcoming Pinterest Overload


Having too many ideas when it comes to planning your wedding may not seem like the worst problem you could have, but trust us when we say that overloading on Pinterest can make your planning process an absolute nightmare.

Think of Pinterest as a starting place to get your creativity and ideas flowing. It should organize your thoughts and give you some inspiration, but it shouldn’t serve as your wedding planner or dictate every move you make when it comes to making design decisions.

Choosing a Style

Most likely, your taste varies from day to day and your style changes with your mood. Likewise, there are different styles we’re each drawn to when planning our weddings. Do you want to stick with a timeless and elegant theme with soft pink peonies, gold centerpieces, and white accent décor? Or should you go for that bohemian feel with succulents and greenery, a flower crown, and a lot of signage with cute sayings?

It can be hard to reconcile all the styles you love. So how can you keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by Pinterest’s many ideas?

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Make a timeline

First, make a timeline. Allow yourself a certain amount of time to research design ideas – we’d  suggest no more than 6 months – and then stop. Have your fiancé change your Pinterest password to keep yourself from perusing just for fun and falling in love with yet another DIY centerpiece idea. Once you’ve completed your research, ask yourself: “Is this a style that I will love 10 years from now?” If your answer is ‘no’ or even ‘I’m not sure’ then do not design your wedding after that theme. Not only will you be looking at these pictures for years to come and reliving the special moments, but future generations will admire these photos, too. Don’t just pick a style because it’s trendy right now.

One of these is not like the other

Do you see a common theme running through your inspiration? Is there one idea that you love more than others, or one aspect you cannot imagine having your wedding without? Choose one photo, decor piece, color scheme, or flower arrangement that you can’t imagine having a wedding without and design your wedding around it. Every time you look at other decor accents or think about pinning a photo, ask yourself if it matches that one element. If it doesn’t fit, eliminate it from your options and move on.

Include your fiancé’s, friends’, and family’s opinions

Remember to include your fiancé in the planning process! The theme of your wedding should reflect who you are as a couple, so you shouldn’t pick a style that only represents you. Compare ideas with your fiancé and show him or her some of your inspiration to see what they like best. Remember, it’s their wedding day, too.

Likewise, you can ask your friends and family to help, too. They know you best. Share your wedding board with them and ask them to pin their favorites, too. Go through it often, though, to eliminate those pins that stray from your theme. When your friends and family understand your theme, they can keep you on track, remind you when you start to go astray, and help you shop!

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Create a separate “Final Wedding Board”

Once you’ve chosen your theme and style, create a Final Wedding Ideas board. This board’s purpose is to organize your thoughts and present to the wedding vendors you meet so they understand your vision. It is not for coming up with new ideas or second-guessing your decision! One huge tip when it comes to making your final wedding board – make it a secret board so that any of your guests that follow you on Pinterest will still be surprised when they arrive on your wedding day!

We completely understand how addicting pinning beautiful wedding inspiration can become – just look at our Pinterest page! – but it’s important to limit your ideas and find a theme that you’ll love. Once you’ve decided on a certain style, don’t second guess your decision! As long as you and your fiancé agree on decor and design ideas that you absolutely love, your wedding day will be one that you cherish – now and for years to come.


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