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Fall Favors Your Guests Will Love


Favors have become a last-minute task, an added expense that couples don’t want to deal with. But they’re a wonderful way to thank your guests for their presence in helping you celebrate! Not to mention the $100+ they spent on your wedding and bridal shower gifts. Check out these fall favor ideas to gift your guests with a favor they won’t leave behind!


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We challenge you to think of one person who doesn’t love s’mores. Can’t do it? That’s because EVERYONE love s’mores! Oozing marshmallow, crunchy graham crackers, and rich chocolate…what’s not to love? Whether you offer a s’more making station beside a bonfire or gift wrap the ingredients, your guests will be begging for s’more…see what we did there?

caramel apples

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Not only are caramel apples a more health-friendly option than cake (for your calorie-counting friends), but they’re also the perfect sweet fall treats! Serve them out of a fair truck or have a bar where guests can choose different toppings! Guests can choose a red apple, green apple, or apple slices and top their treat with crushed M&Ms and Oreos, coconut, peanuts, sprinkles, candy corn, or chocolate syrup! Fun signs reading Apple-y Ever After and Apple-y Married add the perfect finishing touch to this fun favor.


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Everyone loves a good candy or cookie dessert table. Talk to your bakery to see if they do more than just cake. Create a spread of cupcakes, cookies, candies, pastries, and even pies! Provide personalized baggies or boxes and let your guests get their fill to take home! It means less clean-up and leftovers for you, and your guests will appreciate having a sugary snack for their drive home.


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BCR Studios by Brad

Giving your guests seeds or plants to “Let Love Grow” is one of the most symbolic and beautiful favors. But with winter coming, what’s the point of providing beautiful flowers when they’re just going to die? Succulents only need a bit of light – even if it’s florescent – to live by! Perfect for planting in your office or home, these resilient plants will last throughout the cold Ohio winters. Plus, they’re nearly impossible to kill, so whether your guest has a green thumb or forgets to water her plants each day, your succulent will sustain.


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Orchard Photography

Honey is a miracle worker. It helps with coughs and sore throats, allergies, enhances sleep and weight loss, boosts energy, aids diabetes, and adds a sweet flavor to most recipes! Not only are its benefits long-lasting, but a little goes a long way, so your guests will enjoy this favor for years to come! Find a local beekeeper or stop by your nearest farmer’s market for organic honey. Create your own labels – like Meant to Bee or Sweet as Honey – and jar them in cute mason jars for a favor guaranteed to please.

late-night snack

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Soft-pretzels from a food truck, hand-cut french fries, or containers of popcorn – whatever you choose, a salty late-night snack is just what your guests will need after dancing the night away! Offer them during the ceremony, throughout the reception, or as a parting gift. Make sure to have extras – this is a favor your guests will want seconds of!

Favors get a bad reputation by getting left behind at weddings. We guarantee that with these gifts, your guests won’t be able to wait til they get home to indulge! Get more wedding favor ideas on our Pinterest board! Your favor specialist will be able to show you projects they’ve done in the past and help you create an original favor customized to your wedding!


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