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So You’re Engaged…What’s Next?


Congratulations! Your fiance finally popped the question, and now it’s time to start planning your wedding. But where do you begin? Who should you share the good news with first? Don’t stress out; we’ve got what you need to do next planned out step by step.

Don’t Immediately Share on Social Media

It’s become somewhat of a custom in our society to immediately post news and events to social media. When you get engaged, you’ll probably feel the urge to share it. And there’s nothing wrong with Instagramming a photo of your ring or changing your relationship status. It’s important that you share the news with your closest friends and family first. Some things should stay private for awhile so you can enjoy the moment.


Once you’ve shared the news with your loved ones, it’s time to celebrate! Have a get-together or throw an engagement party. You can have a large guest list or you can keep it intimate. A backyard barbecue, Sunday brunch, reserved room at your favorite restaurant, or a catered dinner in a beautiful setting can all set the scene for this journey to your marriage. A party doesn’t have to match the theme of your wedding or be expensive. It’s meant to celebrate you and your exciting news. Plan it in a way that will ensure you enjoy yourself and have fun.

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Choose a Date

Your next step is to start planning your wedding! The first thing you’ll need to know is your wedding date. Consider your favorite colors and season. If you imagine an outdoor ceremony, pick a date that is guaranteed to have warm weather. If you don’t want bees, avoid July and August. Once you’ve chosen a year and a season, find a date – typically Saturday. To keep costs down, consider having a Friday or Sunday wedding. Because these days aren’t common for a wedding, a lot of vendors will offer you discounted rates. You’ll never be able to find a date that works for everyone, so focus on the people you absolutely MUST have there – like your parents and your best friend.

Create a wedding binder

Once you’ve got a date, put together a wedding binder! Pick up your copy of Today’s Bride Magazine! It’s filled with helpful tips and advice, has a master checklist, questions to ask each vendor, quizzes and charts, and to-do lists! Supplement those pages with our free Printables! Include blogs of tips you want to keep in mind when planning, and pictures of trends you love. Your wedding binder will keep you organized during this journey; fill it up with everything you’ll need and want to know so you can access it all in one place!

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create a wedding email

This step will save you a lot of annoyance after your wedding. When you meet with potential vendors, sign up for wedding magazine subscriptions and blog updates, Google Alerts, etc. you’ll be subjecting your email inbox to an onslaught of everything wedding related. While this is great during your wedding planning journey, it could get quite annoying to unsubscribe from them all afterward. Plus, this way you can keep your important personal emails or work memos separated from wedding trend alerts and conversations about catering options.

Check out these 3 reasons to have a wedding email!

Ask your wedding party

Asking your wedding party to stand beside you on your big day is a huge first step after the proposal. You can ask as many friends as you’d like of either gender – there are no rules. Your fiance can choose to have three friends accompany him or her while you have six. Wedding parties no longer have to be equal or segregated by gender; we’re big believers in choosing the people you want to help you plan your wedding, get ready on the big day, and stand beside you as you say “I Do.” Don’t choose someone just because you were in their wedding party or because your mother wants you to. Choose those that mean the most to you, whether it’s ten people or two.

Plan to ask them in a memorable way. Whether you make a gift box, get a monogrammed tote or glass, or write them a poem, being a part of a wedding party is a huge deal. It means dedicating a lot of time to the bride or groom, helping run errands and plan the wedding, throwing and/or attending the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner, and spending a lot of money on attire, accessories, gifts, and more. Be conscious of this, and don’t be hurt or offended if someone says they can’t be a bridesmaid or groomsman.

attend a today’s bride show!

Once you know who your posse is, attend a bridal show! A wedding show will provide you with inspiration in cake designs, photography and videography styles, ceremony and reception decor, bridal, flower girl, mother-of, and bridesmaids gowns, tuxedos and suits, and more. It shows you all of the latest trends. It introduces you to dozens of local vendors that can help you plan and execute your wedding while simultaneously giving you great deals and discounts.

You’ll get to watch fashion shows, find your dream dress, get your hair and makeup done, win prizes and giveaways, try cake and catering samples, and save money all while planning your wedding and meeting with the best in the wedding industry in Northeast Ohio. And all under one roof. There’s no better girls day out, mother-in-law bonding time, or way to enjoy your engagement with your fiance than attending a Today’s Bride Show. Learn more about the shows and see when our upcoming dates are!

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After attending a bridal show, you’ll hopefully have a better idea of what you want for your wedding day, what your budget is, and who you should contact to help make your dream wedding a reality. Don’t forget to read the articles in our Today’s Bride Magazine, as they’re written and designed to help you every step of the way. Keep up with our blogs and up-to-date with your wedding binder and we promise that wedding planning will be a breeze.


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