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Personalizing your Photo Booth


Photo booths are such a fun addition to your reception entertainment! They serve as the perfect guest book or party favor, and your guests will have so much fun posing! But when it comes to booking your photo booth, there are a few decisions you’ll have to make. We’ve laid out all the deets.

You already know you want a photo booth at your wedding, because…duh. But there are so many more features and options than the middle-of-the-mall kiosk! How do you decide exactly which photo booth is the right fit for your wedding? We’ve talked to some experts from Northeast Ohio to pick their brains for advice, tips, and trends!

open-air or private booth?

There are pros and cons to both options when it comes to having a photo lounge or renting a booth. “With open-air photo booths, guests can take great group shots, showcase their surroundings, pose with more props, and get moving with features like our animated GIFs,” says Bianca from Tap Snap. Though Scott from Monocle Photo Booth says that open-air booths lounges are a more popular trend among weddings, James from inFocus Photo Booths prefers private booths! “If the reason you want a photo booth at your wedding is so your guests can have fun and look/act like idiots then a private booth may be the best option. If the guest has 200 other guests looking at them, they may be a little more reserved and not so silly. When I close that curtain on a group the laughs start almost immediately; it’s like flipping a switch.”

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Orchard Photography

digital green screen or good ole props?

When you’re renting a photo booth, you can have a custom-made backdrop with a selection of fun props, you can offer a green screen where your guests can choose their own background, or you can offer both! Both options have hilarious posing opportunities – especially when you put them together. Just imagine your guests dressing up in a cowboy hat and a feather boa or dancing on the surface of Mars. You could even have photo ops with celebrities or landmarks! So which should you choose? “Green screens have been a real hit with our customers because of the range of backgrounds that we have to offer. Event guests can be in a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower, sitting in a car on a race track, lounging on a tropical beach, skiing at the top of a mountain, or posing on the cover of a magazine – with green screen technology, there’s no limit to what we can do!” raves Bianca from Tap Snap. That’s not to say that props aren’t available. “Some of the most fun photos come from a combination of props and green screens,” says Dan from Tap Snap. “Both are available and we encourage couples to let guests choose whether or not to use props!” James from inFocus agrees, saying, “I like both, and I will bring props even when I’m doing a green screen event.  And if I’m doing a more traditional photo booth with props, I’ll bring a ‘green screen’ sheet. It’s a lot of fun to allow the guests the option of making their heads float in the pictures. Some of the props actually let the picture show through, so a lot of fun can be had with green sunglasses and hats, too!”

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Sabrina Hall Photography

photo album or social media sharing?

Both you and your guests will most likely want to share these fun photos on social media. Luckily, this is an easy option included in or as an add-on to your package at most photo booth companies! Traditionally, however, memory albums are a common way to collect and view all of the photos taken in the booth. You can flip through these memories over and over again, just like your wedding album! “We are starting to see a lot more requests for social media sharing,” says Scott from Monocle. “But brides still love having an album at the end of the night with a hard-copy of every photo.” James from inFocus agrees that memory books aren’t going anywhere. “Brides prefer memory albums for sure. At inFocus, we try to focus on the written memories and encourage guests to leave stories or memories with the bride and groom.” While printed photos are clearly still popular, Bianca from Tap Snap notes that social media sharing is a must. “With our photo booths, guests can share their photos directly by email or through their social media channels, and brides can access digital photo albums to print the photos later, or to create a photo booth to remember their special day.” Luckily, with most companies, you don’t have to choose between these two options. Instead, enjoy the best of both worlds with social media sharing AND a memory album!

Photo booths are a great way to keep your guests entertained! Not only are they the perfect party favor and reminder of your wedding, but they also make a beautiful keepsake album for you! Check out these photo booth rental companies to see which features – props, lounge area, personalization, etc. – are a must-have for your wedding, and start practicing your poses!


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