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If you’re not planning to get married in a place of worship, you’ll need to find someone to officiate. How do you find someone? What do you need to consider before signing a contract? Get the answers to these question and more in this blog!


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The most important step in choosing an officiant is making sure they’re legally allowed to marry you. If they’re not a religious leader, ask to see proof that they’ve been ordained. You should also check the laws in your state and county. Some areas do not allow online ordained ministers to conduct weddings. Search reputable sources, check out bridal shows, and ask family and friends for referrals. Some preachers are willing to conduct weddings outside of the church. Ask him or her what their regulations are and if they’re willing and available.


You want to find an officiant you feel comfortable with. Someone who knows you well is always best. If any of your friends or family are ordained, it can make your ceremony truly special. They can add personal commentary that a stranger can’t. You should also consider asking someone you admire. Whether they have a successful 25 year marriage or a close relationship with God, they’ll be able to impart great advice.

You shouldn’t just ask anybody, though. While friend or family can make it personal, the person has to be a good speaker. You want someone who speaks slowly, enunciates, and commands a space without detracting from you. If you have a videographer, this sermon will be captured for generations. You don’t want someone who will stutter, forget their next line, or speaks too quietly.

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read reviews

Real bride reviews and testimonials can be one of the most telling resources. Ask possible officiants if they have videos of previous weddings online. Talk to anyone you know who has used or been to a wedding where this person officiated. Do you like the way they speak? Are they available for questions or flexible with changes? How did they handle any problems? Recommendations and referrals will give you a real sense of what to expect on your wedding day.


Points to discuss

Go over sample wordings and ask if you can read their sermon before the wedding. You should also go over the order of the ceremony, such unity ceremonies, readings, and musical interludes. Ask if they have suggestions for readings and any sample vows you refer to when writing your own. You should also let them know the dress code and where the ceremony is. This way, they’ll know not to wear stilettos if it’s a grass aisle. They may also have performed a ceremony there before, and can give you unique ideas.

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The ceremony is the most meaningful part of the wedding. You finally get to marry the love of your life! Make sure it’s sentimental – and more importantly, legal! – by finding the perfect officiant.

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Ivanna Flint says:

I really liked it when you suggested reading testimonials from their previous clients are asking friends who have used the service of the wedding officiant to make sure they are perfect. My sister is getting married and asked me to look for a wedding officiant for her. It was good that I came across this article because I do not know how to find one. Surely I can ask my friends for recommendations since a few of them have gotten married already.

Sam Li says:

I like what you said about asking if officiants have any suggestions for readings or sample vows prior to hiring them. Wedding officiants can make any wedding enlightening and beautiful based on what they say. My friend is looking for an officiant for his wedding, so I’ll be sure to locate the best one in our city in order to make their wedding day magical.

I really liked how you said that you should hire a wedding officiant that you feel comfortable with. My brother is getting married in a few months, and they still haven’t decided who is going to marry them. They may want to research some professional wedding officiants to see who would be the best fit for them.

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