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Wedding Transportation- Pros and Cons based on the Season!


Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall each have their quirks when it comes to Ohio weather. These quirks change the needs of the wedding transportation you can take to your ceremony and reception. It’s important to keep these factors in mind when choosing the perfect ride for you on your big day!


A wedding classic, this luxurious option has been a go-to for generations of couples. They have the positive of being suitable for any season. Limos have air conditioning for sweltering hot Ohio summer days and heat for those bone-chilling winter mornings. They also have given the couple the option of bringing the bridal party along for the ride, but if you do, make sure there is enough room for everyone, or it can be crowded.

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Vintage Vehicles

Old school cars and trucks give your wedding a unique feel, but they may not have the amenities you are accustomed to. Some of these vehicles may not have heat or air conditioning. So it will be best to check in with your transportation provider and ask what options they have. If you don’t mind not having those options, the best temperatures for vintage vehicles is late spring or early fall! These seasons have the mildest weather and make these amenities less important.

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This form of transportation is a romantic entrance to any wedding right off a lake or pond! The problem with this form of transportation is that it cannot be used during colder or more turbulent weather. A boat is not an option for winter weddings. Early spring or late fall weddings can be iffy, too. Ohio’s weather is always a little crazy! They are great for late spring, summer, and early fall weddings because of the warmer and more predictable weather, but remember, always have a backup plan!

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A trolley is a perfect way for a bride to make a show-stopping entrance to their wedding. Before you decide on this way to enter your ceremony, there are a few things to keep in mind. Sometimes they do not have the best insulation, meaning they can get cold or hot. This lack of insulation can make them harder for winter or summer weddings. Of course, you can always ask the company if they offer a film to put on the windows or any other options they have to help you make your dream come true.

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Horse and Carriage

Brides who want a princess arrival to their wedding will take inspiration from Cinderella with a horse and carriage. This poetic form of travel can be used in any season. Though, it is important to keep in mind how long the trip is to the ceremony! If you are going to gallop a long way, you may be a little chilly from that Ohio snow. To get around this obstacle, you can ask for a covered carriage or an open one. The vendor will work with you to help you meet your expectations.

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All these challenges can be worked around! Ask the vendor about options they have for the different wedding transportation they offer and how they can help make your dream come true. These pros and cons will prepare you for what to expect and the questions to ask when you are choosing the perfect ride for you!


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