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How Sound Precision Entertainment Makes Wedding Dreams Come True


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Sound Precision Entertainment has been the life of the party for 13 years! They’re goal is “to create what your idea of the perfect wedding is not what we tell you it should be.” So how exactly do they do that?

Because of their 4-in-1 partnerships with Capture Cleveland Photography, Red Frame Videography, and Monocle Photo Booths, SPE is an all-inclusive entertainment vendor! You can book your photography, videography, photo booth, DJ/band, and lighting – almost half of your reception to-do list! – with a single contract.

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Who is Sound Precision Entertainment?

One of the best parts about working with Sound Precision Entertainment is their attitude. They’re friendly, flexible, and do whatever it takes to make your wedding exactly the way you imagine it. Scott, owner and CEO of SPE, says that he uses the smiley face emojis all the time, because “when you do what you love, you’re always smiling!” Sound Precision is all about you. Whereas some companies may feel that they know what’s best and want you to hand over the reigns to allow them to do what they do best, SPE isn’t like that. “You’ll never hear us say ‘trust us’,” Scott says. That doesn’t mean they don’t have experience or confidence. They have the years and reviews to back them up, and like to say “if you can dream it, we can do it.” They just don’t want to pressure you and take your ideas seriously.

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Capture Cleveland Photography

How SPE stands out among the rest

One thing a lot of people don’t realize when they first research Sound Precision Entertainment is that they have extensive partnerships with Capture Cleveland Photography, Red Frame Videography, and Monocle Photo Booths. “We can save you significant amounts of money when you bundle services!” The only thing you’ll have to worry about is venue, catering, and decor! But of course, SPE offers a bit of that, too. They’ll provide uplighting to emphasize certain features or add a romantic, glamorous, fun, or ethereal atmosphere to the space. Plus, you can even have a custom made gobo – a stencil that is placed in front of a light to project words or patterns onto the surface. You can get your names, initials, wedding date, or images laser-cut into these stencils for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Scott notes that when it comes to lighting, a lot of couples think that it isn’t worth it with venues that have a lot of windows. “While windows can sometime mute uplights, no amount of sunlight ever takes them away,” Scott assures his brides. “Also, as the night goes on, your room will gradually become more and more visually charming.

Sound Precision Entertainment | Capture Cleveland Photography | As seen on

Entertainment Trends

While cake designs and bridal attire trends change from season to season or year to year, entertainment trends change every day! With songs jumping to the top of the charts in one week and then dropping off the next, it’s hard to choose a playlist of songs for your wedding that’s months away! What will be popular? Though SPE never says “trust us,” we can confidently say that you can trust them to help you choose songs that your guests will love. Whether emceeing, DJing, or playing instruments, Sound Precision will ensure that your guests are on the dance floor having the time of their lives.

Another trend Scott says he sees often is a shift to more personal and interactive receptions. “We find that brides and grooms want to interact with a photo booth, have their uplights move to the beat of the song, and have playlists that are tailored to them. Plenty of companies can do a great show that is the exact same as the one before, however we pride ourselves on tailoring a great evening to each of our bride and grooms personal preferences.”

Odds are, you’re probably feeling a bit stressed out and overwhelmed with all the details that come with planning a wedding. When you book Sound Precision Entertainment, you’ll be working with a group of experts who are passionate about what they do, bringing your ideas to life, and ensuring that your wedding day is the time of your – and your guests’! – lives. Learn more about what Sound Precision Entertainment offers here, and request more information!

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