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5 Wedding Cake Myths Debunked


Wedding cakes are one of the first images that come to mind when you think of weddings. However, tradition has led to some common myths about wedding cakes that we’re here to debunk!

Your wedding cake should be white.

Back in the 19th century, Queen Victoria set many wedding standards with her wedding to Prince Albert. Not only did she make white wedding dresses a tradition that has carried on to this day, but she started the white wedding cake trend, too! White stood for purity and innocence, representing the bride as she entered this union.

White frosting is created using refined white sugar. In the 1880s, this was an expensive ingredient! Therefore, a white cake symbolized one’s wealth. The whiter the frosting, the richer the couple. The color came to be synonymous with all things wedding related, and the tradition of white wedding cakes held.

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While we still love the minimalistic look of a clean, white wedding cake, there is no rule that says your cake HAS to be white. Choose a color that complements your scheme, incorporate detailed trends and techniques, or even go for the ever-popular naked cake! Whatever design you decide on, as long as you love it and it tastes good, no one will care if it’s white. However, you may want to stay away from darker colors like midnight blue, plum purple, or black, as the dye can stain your mouth!

Having a dummy cake with sheet cakes is cheaper.

Wedding Cake | Rising Star Photography | As seen on
Rising Star Photography

According to West Side Bakery, “The largest part of the cost of a tiered cake is based upon the decoration. So even with fake cakes, you still have to pay approximately 75% of the cake cost, since we still have to spend the same amount of time stacking it and decorating it.” Reeves Cake Shop adds that, “If you then order sheet cakes in addition to the fake cake, a bride will often find that she may be spending just as much as she would have getting a traditional cake.”

Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to save money, consider ordering a smaller cake to display or have for the couple and wedding party and ordering sheet cakes for the guests. Reeves Cake Shop warns, though, that if you only display a small, one or two-tiered wedding cake, “guests may assume there won’t be enough for everyone.” Then you’ll end up leaving with tons of leftover sheet cakes. But we have to ask, is that a terrible thing?

You should get a flavor everyone will like.

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Orchard Photography

For your wedding, there are only 2 opinions that should play a part in your decision process: yours and your fiance’s. Yes, your guests will be eating the cake, too. But would you ever have a white birthday cake even though banana is your favorite just because not everyone likes banana? Just like your birthday, this is YOUR day. Don’t compromise on what you want in order to please others. If you want carrot cake with cream cheese icing, no one’s stopping you. Sure, it may not be everyone’s first choice, but it’s yours, and that’s all that matters.

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Cake toppers should be figurines of a couple.

Wedding Cake | Jadie Foto | As seen on
Jadie Foto

Birthday cakes have candles, and wedding cakes have toppers! As the number of candles reflects the number of years you’re celebrating, the cake topper is meant to reflect the wedding day. That’s why traditionally it has been figurines of the couple. 

Today’s couples have used their creativity to expand the traditional understanding of a cake topper. Some of the more popular toppers include: scripted words or phrases, flowers, banners, funny figurines, geodes, or no topper at all. Check out this blog to see some of our favorite cake topper trends!

Tall cakes are out of style.

Wedding Cake | Allison Kuhn Photography | as seen on
Allison Kuhn Photography

It’s true that many couples have gone with single or dual tiered wedding cakes, as of late. However, that doesn’t mean that tall cakes are out of style! As we like to say, this is YOUR day. Popular trends and what everyone else is doing shouldn’t play a huge part in your decisions. You should get whatever makes you happy. If that’s a cake that has many tiers, then you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Tiered cakes are great because you can choose a different flavor for each layer. If you’re anything like us, it may seem impossible to choose between dark chocolate with buttercream, lemon with raspberry filling, or red velvet with cream cheese frosting. With a larger cake, you don’t have to choose! 

Your wedding day is the one day when you can get away with dramatic, elaborate, and over-the-top elegance. It’s also one of the only times you’ll have everyone who is important to you all in one room. Impress them by showcasing a towering cake that brings the wow-factor. Check out this blog to see why we love large cakes.

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Wedding cakes are one of the most anticipated and memorable aspects of your wedding. Guests will be eager to see what it looks and tastes like, and will crave some for days after the wedding ends! Address these 5 myths with your cake designer before ordering to ensure your cake is everything you’ve imagined!

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