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Father-Of Gifts for your Wedding Day


You’ll always be daddy’s little girl – after all, he was the first man you ever loved! But while your wedding is the happiest day of your life, it’s one of the hardest for him. Thank him for everything he’s done with a meaningful gift.


Socks may seem like a weird choice of gift for a man who means so much to you. You can amp up the sentimentality by getting them embroidered with a cute quote like “Of all our walks, this is my favorite.” The great thing about this gift is that it’s not something that he’ll only use once; every time he pulls them out of the drawer, he’ll think of the beautiful memory of your wedding day.

Tie or Tie Clip

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Jadie Foto

You’ve probably gotten your dad a tie for at least one of his birthdays or father’s day gift. Gifting him a tie on your wedding day will be reminiscent of those early gifts. You can buy one that matches your wedding colors for him to wear that day or a neutral color that will match his everyday outfit. If you want to give a more sophisticated and fancy present for this special occasion consider a tie clip. Sew a piece of fabric from your dress alterations to the back of the tie or engrave the clip with “I loved you first.”

Cuff Links

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Black Dog Photo Co.

Cuff links are so diverse in design that you’ll easily find something that your dad will love. You can have them customized to be more meaningful or find a simple design that matches any occasion. Some designers may even be able to put a photo in the cuff link, or you can add a quote like “I love you” on one and “I love you more” on the other. There are cuff links that are shaped like Batman, have sports team logos, or you can choose a jewel that reflects the wedding’s color scheme.

Wallet or Money Clip

Wallets for men are like purses for women – you can never have too many. Invest in a genuine leather wallet that will last. You can even stamp it with a custom design or crest. Another option would be to buy a money clip engraved with: “The money I have left after my daughter’s wedding.”


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A watch is always a solid choice to buy a man – your father, groom, or father-in-law. Like jewelry, different watches match different occasions. A fabric band is perfect for a more casual setting, whereas links are good for formal occasions. Black or white faces stand out a bit more than a gold or silver face. Numbers are more informal than Roman numerals or markers. These local jewelers will help you pick out the perfect style to fit your dad. They may even be able to add an engraving like “Forever your little girl” to the backing for a small fee.

Pocket Square

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Pocket squares are worn rarely, but if you choose a sentimental fabric, this can really be a meaningful gift. Consider fabric from your wedding dress, childhood blanket, or sentimental shirt. If your father was your softball coach, you could make a square out of your first jersey. You can bet that your dad will be crying at your wedding, so having a pocket square handy may be a life-saver.

Something to Fit His Personality

What is a hobby of your dad’s? Does he like to golf? Play baseball in a recreational league? Bowl? Is he constantly building or fixing things? Find something that relates to him and get it customized.

For a fixer-upper: an engraved hammer or pocket knife

For an active athlete: a personalized fishing hook, golf balls, bowling ball bag, baseball, etc.

For the at-home entertainer: engraved beer mugs, bottle openers, can koozie, or grill utensils

These local wedding gift experts can help you come up with and design the perfect customized wedding gift for your dad! If your father has passed, there are some beautiful ways to honor his memory at your wedding, so he can be with you in spirit.

Wedding Gifts for Dad | Black Dog Photo Co. | As seen on

Black Dog Photo Co.


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