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3 Colors to Add to Your Wedding Jewelry


When it comes to accessorizing for your wedding, a major part of it is the type of jewelry to wear. Most brides may plan the jewelry colors to incorporate based on their dress or even the wedding theme. But, you could step outside these constraints to incorporate metals and precious gemstones for a touch of contrast⁠.

Here are three of the top color choices to add to your bridal jewelry this wedding season:

A Touch of Blue

Blue Engagement Ring | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on
Sabrina Hall Photography

If you’re stumped on how to add the “something blue” element to your wedding day, a blue color stone does the trick. You can contrast this with blue shoes, blue ribbons, detailing on your wedding dress, or even your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Traditional blue colored stones include sapphire, aquamarine, blue topaz, and lapis lazuli. Each stone comes in a unique shade of blue depending on how subtle or dramatic you want it. A new choice in the market is blue lab-grown diamonds, which are made by introducing boron into the crystal lattice of the diamond. The more boron that’s present, the deeper shade of blue the diamond is. Blue-stone rings are best suited for gold, white gold, or platinum metals.

If your wedding is happening at a beach or under open skies, this is the color for you.

A Hint of Pink

Pink Engagement Ring | Jay Kossman Photography | As seen on
Jay Kossman Photography

Pink’s been an eternal favorite for jewelry, both for the bridesmaids and the bride. A romantic color, it represents care, compassion, and love. Pale pinks are the perfect pair for vintage style weddings, and suit most venues from ballrooms to rustic settings. This color can complement your bouquet, florals, and even bridesmaids’ dresses. 

Pink stones include pink opals, garnets, rose quartz, pink cubic zirconia, lighter shades of ruby, and even pink lab-grown diamonds. Pair your pink stone with gold or rose-gold metals.

If your dress is a pale white or even a very light pink, wearing pink-stoned jewelry can accentuate your look on your wedding day.

A Dash of Yellow

Yellow Engagement Ring | ALTR Created Diamonds | As seen on
ALTR Created Diamonds

When it comes to bridal jewelry, the color yellow is mostly associated with gold. However, several brides are mixing yellow stones with white gold. Since most yellow stones are subtle, larger stones are preferred to create a statement look.

Yellow stones include yellow sapphire, yellow garnet, yellow tourmaline, and yellow lab-grown diamonds. Yellow diamonds are created when nitrogen is introduced into the crystal lattice. Similar to blue diamonds, the more nitrogen atoms that replace carbon, the darker the shade of yellow. Yellow stones are paired best with white gold or platinum metals.

Because of their bright autumn color, yellow stones are perfect for this season’s wedding wear, in both outdoor countryside settings and indoor venues alike.

Most colored stones can be paired with diamonds in jewelry pieces such as three-stone rings or earrings. While darker shades can create a bolder look, pastel shades with pale hues can add a subtle contrast without overbearing the wedding dress or theme. Don’t be afraid to mix metals and pair colors⁠—it’s your wedding day and you get to make the rules.

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