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Gervasi Vineyard Virtual Tour


Are you dreaming of getting married under the Tuscan Sun? We have a solution that’s much closer to home, and just as beautiful! Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, OH features a picturesque landscape that has all the beauty of a destination wedding, right here in Ohio. Think this could be “the one”? You can tour Gervasi RIGHT NOW, from the comfort of your home. Take the Virtual Venue tour!



Abby (0:00): Hi everyone my name is Abby and I am the marketing stylist here at Today’s Bride. As everyone knows with this pandemic that’s been going on, our world has really been flipped upside down recently with just how we do things, how we’re interacting with each other, and it feels like everything has gone virtual, and that’s wedding planning included. So that’s really what we’re doing here today. We are going to be taking you on a virtual venue tour. I’m really excited to show you around the Tuscan inspired destination wedding venue located right here in Ohio, Gervasi Vinyard. So we are going to be showing you their beautiful grounds, some of their different venue spaces, and tell you a little more about hosting a wedding at Gervasi. So without further ado, I’m really excited to introduce you to their sales manager Steph. Hi Steph!


Steph (0:51): Hey Abby. Thanks for joining us today. My name is Steph, and I am the sales manager here at Gervasi Vineyard. I’ve been here for about 4 years, and I am the one you would contact to help you start that process of looking for that special venue for your special day.

We are going to start here at our Villa Grande building, and we’ll go ahead and take a walk inside.


Abby (1:14): Awesome! So while we go see the first ballroom, can you tell me a little bit more about where Gervasi is located, how long Gervasi has been around, and kinda what makes Gervasi unique?


Steph (1:26): Absolutely! So, Gervasi is located in Canton, OH. We are about an hour south of the Cleveland area right off 77.

So this is the main lobby area. This is the space we’ll utilize for cocktail hour in between the ceremony and reception. We’ve used this space whether you’re having your ceremony on-site or having it off-site because they can always be greeted with a bar and appetizers while you’re taking your photos.

Truly one of my favorite parts of this space is of course the wine chandelier, the wine chandelier. And then over on this side of the space, you would set up the bar options and high-top tables for your guests to stand at. So definitely a very fun gathering space to kinda kick-off that reception time.


Abby (2:24): Awesome, so what ballroom is this that we are going to be looking at here?


Steph (2:29): So this is our Valeria Sophia and again up to 120 guests maximum.


Abby (2:36): So for someone who is looking for the indoor with the beautiful ballroom feel.


Steph (2:44): Truly, I love this because so many different colors just make sense in here. It’s very neutral yet it’s very exquisite with all its ceiling decor the lighting. I personally love the walls. And of course, you can bring in any decorations that you would like as well.


Abby (3:04): So how many would fit in this room? What’s the capacity?


Steph (3:08): So at max capacity, we do 120 guests. Of course, that is going depend on the floor plan that you’re most interested in and also if you have a DJ or a band option but typically right behind you here would be where the dance floor is set up, so dance floor would be in the middle of the space and then around the outside would be reception tables allowing this space here to be used for a head table or a sweetheart table and then again more tables to continue to the other side. So the room is somewhat broken up because of the dance floor in the middle and there’s not just a sea of tables.


Abby (3:50): Beautiful, so what if someone wanted to have their ceremony and then come into this ballroom? What option would they have?


Steph (3:58): We can accommodate a ceremony inside. of course, up to 120. The ceremony would take place on the dance floor, however, and your guests would be sat at their reception tables. We can do a traditional set up in this room for up to around 80 guests where we could flip the space and have your guests enjoy cocktail hour while we undo the ceremony setup and turn it back into a reception setup.


Abby (4:24): Awesome, and there is an outdoor option, correct?


Steph (4:27): Correct. So when you reserve the Valeria Sophia you’ll actually use the lobby, the ballroom, and the outside veranda. I’m going to show you a quick picture so you can picture it a little bit more before we walk out there. But outside is a wonderful space for ceremony and then we can also use it for cocktail hour as well.

So you can see we are about to head out one of these doors here, and we’re going to walk out onto the brick veranda where we set up the white garden chairs for again up to 120 guests. So then the ceremony can take place outside and then guests can continue inside for reception space.


Abby (5:06): Awesome.


Steph (5:08): Great. And I know Abby, we’ll have some links and this website too or links for our website and there are many photos on there that help picture the space and even more options as far as colors and set up goes too.


Abby (5:23): Awesome, so with an outdoor ceremony that, I know we are going to walk by in a second, I know you do take the risk of weather, so you know how do you work with a bride if let’s say it’s raining up until that ceremony spot, what options do they have?


Steph (5:39): So, we’ll set up the outside ceremony if that is the goal, we’re going to set that up either way and then we can make that decision just 5 minutes before. So let’s say it starts raining before you start walking down the aisle, we can take and switch over in there or again have your guests sit at their reception tables. Typically, what we end up doing is trying to wait for that, you know, 15-minute break in the weather. So we do have that flexibility which is another benefit of having the ceremony and reception on the same property, but you will definitely have a ceremony, and it will be beautiful. and you will not be soaking wet.


Abby (6:19): Exactly, well I love it, and it’s beautiful out there too. And I know brides love their outdoor ceremonies, so beautiful backdrop.


Steph (6:27): It is a great space truly. The aisle way would start here. So the aisle way here and the ceremony would take place right, here and then white garden chairs on either side.


Abby (6:50): Awesome. So this is the first venue that holds up to 120 people, but I know there are two other venues on your property, so we are going to walk to the second one.


Steph (7:04): Perfect. That is also one of the benefits of the property itself is it’s fully public, and you can walk wherever you like. So let’s say you’re doing photos in between your ceremony and reception, your guests can grab a glass of wine and walk down to the lake just like we are and maybe take some photos of their own. Also, we are passing the villa right now which is also a wonderful place to stay while you’re on property, so you can also freshen up or your guests can freshen up.


Abby (7:34): So while we’re getting to the second venue let’s say someone already has their venue booked, could they use Gervasi for other events like a bridal shower or the rehearsal dinner? What other options are there?


Steph (7:49): There are a ton of options. Let’s say you are starting from the beginning with that engagement dinner or engagement party, we have many venues on property that range from just an intimate ten-person dinner all the way up to, you know, a 100 person dinner. You have private event spaces at different locations with different menu options as well. And then we also have shower options, we have a ton of shower options. It’s kinda a rehearsal dinner option and that’s nice because we can always include the use of our other property The Twisted Olive and that’s just north of us in Green, OH, so that opens up the doors to a lot of options as far as rooms and spaces and availability goes.


Abby (8:30): Well your grounds are beautiful, and I know spring is right around – Spring just came and you’re getting wedding-ready but looking at the space, and we’re looking at your biggest ballroom right now with lots of different photo opts and stuff too, do we want to talk about the pavilion here?


Steph (8:48): Sure. So this is our largest space on property. This is our outdoor Tuscan pavilion. It can accommodate up to 300 guests and again for ceremony and reception right here on the grounds. As far as ceremony goes, we offer outside ceremonies or, you know, under the pavilion ceremonies. And one of my favorite and, you know lucky things about this space, is that it has that weatherproof curtain that comes down and bolts to the floor on all of its sides. So in case, that weather isn’t quite corroborating with us that day we can close some of those curtains and keep some of that wind or maybe light rain from coming in.


Abby (9:29): What is the time frame that you usually use the pavilion?


Steph (9:33): So we typically use it from 4:00 to 11:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and then on Sundays we do a little bit of an earlier time frame from 2:00 until 9:00 and then also with the pavilion you can see maybe, maybe not but I know in the links you can, there is a vineyard right behind that pavilion as well, that the couple will be able to use for photos while their guests are enjoying cocktail hour around the outskirts of the pavilion and the lakeside as well.


Abby (10:04): And the pavilion is really used mid-May to mid or late October?


Steph (10:10): So late October is when we close it. The word November tends to scare us a little bit. But October, I mean I got married in October. October is a wonderful option as far as this outside space goes and there’s always accommodations we can do whether you’re looking at that super hot day in August or maybe that chillier day in October, they’re additions that we can do as far as fans or heaters. You know we are all going to work together with all of our on-site planning to help make that day special for you. Truly, I think that’s one of our greater gifts, is that we offer coordination for on-site purposes to help you through that process so you don’t feel like you’re on your own.


Abby (10:50): Definitely, which is really helpful. Well, the pavilion’s gorgeous, the space is gorgeous, and I’m just thinking of all the photo-opts, and I’ve been there and seen weddings, and I mean under the arches and by the lake, it’s gorgeous.

So, we are going to be passing your villas right now.


Steph (11:11): Yes, this is the back end of those villas that we were talking about. Personally, my favorite is the outside patio because who cannot picture themselves out there with a bottle of wine and hanging out with some friends. Also, wonderful space to gather friends and family prior to your wedding ceremony and then also using them to get ready for your ceremony and reception right inside that lobby so the hair and the makeup, and you know family members and your aunt and your uncle and everyone can come see you prior, but you have your own safe space on the property as well. You’re not too far to freshman up or change your shoes if you need to.


Abby (11:51): I love it because it’s like a whole weekend getaway you know, everything is right here.


Steph (11:57): Right here in Canton. It’s a little gem. We also offer the hotel option. The Casa is going to be 24 king-sized suits and that’s going to be located on the other side of the property but again just as good walking distance from here too.


Abby (12:16): This made me think. A perfect, you know, use for the villas right now for those couples that were affected by COVID-19, and want to still celebrate their original date, make a little weekend getaway go to Gervasi, enjoy like the on-site restaurants, enjoy the villas, like still make a memory on your original date. So I think that’s really cool that a couple could come do that at your villas and Casas.


Steph (12:44): Perfect, absolutely. And we’re currently walking up to our smallest venue option. More of the more quaint option, I like to say our more intimate, and this is our outside conservatory with 360-degree windows.


Abby (13:02): So the conservatory, what would you say would be the max capacity for this venue?


Steph (13:08): This space, we prefer it to be 40 or less just because it’s meant to be small. So anywhere over that forty person, we’ll be looking at that indoor ballroom where we originally started. This space is going to be definitely for that more intimate feel. Forty or less fit great in here. And the beautiful part is everything you see right now is exactly how it is. So all of this greenery, the chairs, the lighting, it’s truly just one of those special places on the property.


Abby (13:41): And can this be used year-round?


Steph (13:44): It can. That’s another benefit. 365 days there’s not an off-season in this building.


Abby (13:51): That’s awesome.


Steph (13:53): Yeah, it’s temperature-controlled as well. Like I have couples that worry if December would be that good of an idea, and it truly is. It’s warm and toasty.


Abby (14:02): I love it. And I think this is also a great option for anyone that’s looking to still move forward with their wedding. You know small intimate gatherings right now with ten people or less. You want to talk a little more about that?


Steph (14:15): That’s a perfect point, Abby, because we still get those couples that are really looking and trying to make sure that it’s happening, you know we want to move forward, we want to focus on happier things. So, especially being able to downsize your wedding to ten people that you want to be there with, to share it with on that day you’ve originally planned, we are offering this as a ceremony option for that. Ten or less again, ceremony only right here on property. We then can offer a stay at the Casa, and you can always get take-out food from the Crunch House or our Villa Grande building for family styles.


Abby (14:54): Awesome. I love it. So, one more question, what do you have, final thoughts, or suggestions for your couples that you work with?


Steph (15:04): Oh, perfect question. Of course, know during this time, you’re always nervous about what could happen, and that’s truly everything that’s happened. Really when you’re looking at your wedding day, and you’re ready to share it with your partner and your friends and your family just remember to focus on you and remember this day in your shoes. Don’t think about, you know, if those flowers are perfect, or if the rain came in at 6 p.m., it’s truly a celebration of your love and your commitment for each other, so don’t lose sight of that when you’re going through your planning process, and that’s why we’re here to help you with our on-site preparation and just throughout your entire day, we just want you to make sure you’re focusing on you and your happiness and your memories.


Abby (15:50): And that’s what it’s all about. So for someone that’s interested in Gervasi, how could they get in contact with you?


Steph (15:56): Perfect. So I’m kinda a little bit everywhere right now. We can always do a phone call. We can always do email. I’d love to set up a social distanced appointment with you. You can just reach out via email at and again my name is Steph, or you can give us a call in the sales office which is the 330-497-1000 extension 122, but again we can put the link on this for you guys as well.


Abby (16:23): Absolutely, so Steph thank you so much for walking us through your venues and the grounds. It’s gorgeous, I’m excited for summer to hit and stuff, and for weddings to pick back up, and you know weddings are happy, and Gervasi is a gorgeous place and any couple would be really lucky to get married there.


Steph (16:42): Thank you we appreciate that. We appreciate the support. We’re very excited to move forward, and we’re ready to have your special day with us.


Abby (16:51): Thank you so much


Steph (16:53): Yeah, I appreciate it!


Abby (16:55): Bye.


Steph (16:56): Bye, have a good one.


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