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Feeling Comfortable In Front of the Camera with Cufflink Media


Choosing a photographer is such an important element of your wedding planning process. Out of all your vendors, your photograph is the one who you’ll spend the most time with before and on your wedding day.

Deciding on a photographer is important, because you trust them to capture these special moments so that you can relive them year after year. This decision is also very important if you or your fiancé “shutter” at the thought of a camera flashing in your direction.

We sat down with Cufflink Media, a Cleveland-based photography and videography company servicing Northeast Ohio, to get some tips on how to feel comfortable being in front of the camera for your special day.


Even in the world of social media, there are people everywhere who hate having their pictures taken. Constantly worrying about your hair, your good side, or your best angles is enough to distract anyone from what’s happening around them. Sam Brookover, Director of Photography & Videography at Cufflink Media, says:

There are a ton of times when a couple comes in for their first consultation and you can tell one of them doesn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. Building a rapport between yourself and a couple is really important to make both parties feel more at ease. After getting to know one another, it will feel much more like a friend is taking your pictures at your wedding. Or better yet, the couple will feel so comfortable they won’t even remember their picture is being taken at all!

For many people, this is the first time they are having professional photos taken since their senior year of high school. The goal of wedding photography is to authentically tell the story of your day. If you’re still having flashbacks to standing in front of a brick wall in your Letterman jacket, Sam has some insider tips to calm the nerves.


Practice makes perfect, and one of the best ways to ease you in front of the camera is your engagement photos,” says Brookover. Engagement photos don’t just make for great save-the-dates, they also serve as a practice round for your big day.

All of Cufflink Media’s photography packages include engagement photos, because they help the photographer and couple get to know each other in a much more casual environment.

Check out Corey & Mackenzie’s Engagement Shoot for an idea on Cufflink Media’s engagement sessions!

At this point, you’ve already talked to your photographer a few times, so the initial “getting-to-know-you” is out of the way. You’ll get more comfortable with both them and the camera as the session goes by. Wedding days are stressful, and there is a lot going on. Most photographers will agree that these engagement sessions really do help to make wedding photography a success, especially when the couple is comfortable and relaxed.

OUTFIT & Location TIPS | Engagement photos

If choosing the perfect outfit is what keeps you up at night, then a simple solution is to follow the advice your mom has probably been giving you for years: LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS!

If you want more than one look but plan to be outside or some other place it may be hard to change layering is a simple solution for a quick, convenient wardrobe change.

Another important step in planning your engagement photos is to decide on a location. Some couples choose places important to them, like the spot they went on their first date. Others may choose a place with scenery that fits their personality or wedding theme, be that a forest or a brewery. If your mind doesn’t instantly jump to a location, your photographer will be able to provide some suggestions that you may have never considered.


You made it through your engagement photos and Sam’s next big tip is to be prepared! Spending time on websites, photographers’ digital galleries, Instagram, and Pinterest is a great way to get an idea of what you like and what you don’t in terms of wedding photos and poses.

Most photographers will have a meeting or video call with you in the days leading up to your wedding to discuss these ideas. If you choose a package that includes a second photographer, this is also the time you would most likely meet them. In this conversation, you will talk and make a list of your must-have shots.

Is it important to you to have an album filled with romantic photos of you and your sweetheart? Are there older family photos you hope to recreate? Do you want to capture some hilarious moments with your bridal party? Whatever you decide, this will help your photographer to make a schedule for the day, and prioritize the time to adhere to it. 

CANDID OR POSED | Wedding photos

Hopefully, as you’re starting to feel more prepared, being in front of the camera will be the last hesitation on your mind. If you’re still a little bit apprehensive, don’t worry, because your photographer is there to help. Yes, there will inevitably be some posed pictures after you say “I Do”. But candid shots are always more fun and the ones you really want to hang on your wall! Posing for candid shots doesn’t need to be awkward. Your photographer is a professional and knows exactly how to get the perfect candid shot.

The best way to get your picture taken,” according to Sam, “is when you don’t even know the picture is being taken at all.” Some prompts Cufflink Media uses include telling couples to tell each other about something that made them laugh or an inside joke to catch those natural laughs and glances.

These prompts will help you to open up and show your true selves to the camera. After all, this is a day you want to think back on and relive joyful moments. Whether the moment is big or as small as the joke your partner whispered in your ear to make you laugh, each picture will capture a future memory. 


The final thought Sam left us with was something that he likes to call “knowing when to be big and knowing when to be small.”  While it is important for a photographer to step up and keep everyone organized and follow the timeline, there are also times when they know to be small, take a step back, and capture those candid, intimate moments it’s a balancing act throughout the day.

Ultimately, the photographer’s goal is to capture you as a couple and highlight what makes you unique. It’s important to let loose, be yourself, and not let the idea of your picture being taken keep you from fully enjoying everything that makes your wedding day special and your photographer is a key vendor in making that a success.

Cufflink Media is a Cleveland-based photography and videography company serving the general Northeast Ohio area, including Akron-Canton. The focus is always on YOU. They believe every wedding is unique and they provide an original and tailored approach to each event, ensuring your photos and video reflect your one-of-a-kind relationship. To learn more about their photography or videography services, visit to request more information.




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