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Ways to Incorporate Flowers Into Your Wedding

A guaranteed, breathtaking way to add to the beauty of your wedding is to add fresh flowers. Flowers have a special place at weddings due to their characteristics — they are aromatic, delicate, peaceful and full of life. Ultimately, they’re everything you envision for your big day.

Choosing your Flowers

The color and type of the flower depends on the season and your own preference, which will make the wedding decorations that much more personal. And when trying to secure a willing, reasonably priced florist, keep in mind that Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are the busiest times of the year for florists, so choose a different day or call someone way ahead of time.

Traditional Uses of Flowers


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Candid Canons


Without even thinking about the color and type of flower, you should consider what you’re going to do with your flowers. Wedding flowers serve a variety of purposes: They will be used in mother and grandmother corsages and in groom and groomsmen boutonnieres. “One of our main offerings to Mothers of the Bride and/or Groom has always been the Clutch Bouquet,” says Courtney from Graceful Wedding Company. “It is small enough to rival the size and price point of the traditional corsage, yet it is a more modern alternative for those who want a more updated look.”

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Clutch Bouquet by Graceful Wedding Company

You should order bouquets for you as well as for your bridesmaids and petals for the flower girl’s basket. These petals could match your bouquets, or they could match the ceremony flowers. Your florist should be able to give further advice. Your boutonnieres, corsages and bouquets are traditionally all similar, often using the same flowers. Although, this doesn’t have to be the case, as you may decide to alternate the types of flowers you use just so you can have all your favorites.

When it comes to the bridesmaids’ bouquets, they do not have to be as big as yours; usually they are smaller. The same goes for the groomsmen’s boutonnieres, as the grooms typically is the larger one. Also, when ordering bouquets, if you plan on doing the bouquet toss at your reception, you will most likely want to order an extra bouquet for this as you would probably like to keep your flowers you used in the ceremony.


Hair Pieces

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Graceful Wedding Company

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B Frohman Imaging

Garlands made of flowers could decorate yours or your flower girl’s hair as a flower crown. The whimsical yet vintage look can be small and simple or large and make a statement; the best part is that you literally have endless options. Courtney from Graceful Wedding Company recommends choosing flowers that you know will hold up well and can be dried after the wedding – like eucalyptus stems and small roses paired with filler flowers. Check out our flower glossary for pictures of common floral choices!

When it comes to garland, it may not be something that pops into your mind right away; however, the addition of garland for your wedding is great because it works as flowers and decor together. Plus, it may be what helps to make your wedding stand out!

Floral Decor


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High Five for Love


As the reception is for celebrating your wedding, floral decorations are a great way to make the area more special. You could place flowers at the entrance, on the buffet table (if you have a buffet), at the bar, and really, anywhere. Just don’t go overboard. “The key is to keep it simple with only 2-3 elements or types of greenery. Don’t use tiny nonfloral items in a large room or on a very long table, as they will be missed from a distance,” says Courtney from Graceful Wedding Company.



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The most expensive part of your flower budget will typically go toward the centerpieces and reception hall decor. Consider how many flowers you will want so you can stay in budget, and remember: the more flowers you have, the more difficult it is for your guests to talk to each other from across the table. One way brides have been compromising style with guest experience is by using flower garlands or flower runners as their centerpiece; this is especially popular on the head table. Keep in mind that if you’re having an outdoor wedding, flowers may attract insects which can ruin your dining experience.

Cake Toppers

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Kayla Barker, The Wildflowers, Rosewood Crescent

Ask your florist if they can consult with your bakery to combine their efforts to create a one-of-a-kind cake. Your bakery may be able to create fondant flowers to place on your cake, but they should consult with your florist to ensure the flowers mimic your bouquet. Your florist may even be able to provide the bakery with fresh flowers to create a bouquet as a wedding cake topper instead of the traditional figurines!

Chandeliers and Arches


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Al Gawlik Photography

Your floral decorations should match the spirit of what they are decorating. At the ceremony, the flowers should respectfully complement everything else without being flashy. If you are getting married in a church, you won’t need too many decorations, because churches are beautiful by themselves. Therefore, your decorations could look stuffy or unnecessary. You could place flowers at the altar and on the pews, though some churches may not allow that. If you are getting married outside, embrace the natural beauty of floral decorations! Upon going into the ceremony area, you could have an archway ringed with flowers. Wreaths, bouquets, and other arrangements could go just about anywhere. We do, however, recommend that you check with your venue first before making any decisions regarding floral arrangements.

However you choose to incorporate flowers into your wedding, just know that there are virtually endless options out there. With a little bit of research, planning, and bridal intuition, we’re confident you’ll end up with beautiful arrangements for your own event.


Simran Ahuja says:

This article is really very nice as you have got an amazing flower decoration ideas. I want to make a flower crown for me which I will wear during my sister’s wedding which is simple and doesn’t have too many of flowers in it as I prefer simple things. So can you suggest me some flower combinations?

Taylor Jarvis says:

Hi Simran,
If you’re going for a simple look, we definitely recommend sticking with greenery. Seeded eucalyptus, boxwood, and sage are all great starters. Sprinkle in some baby’s breath, hydrangeas, or roses for a little color and variety!

Hope that helps!

Marcus Coons says:

I loved when you mentioned how you don’t only get the visual appeal of flowers at your wedding but also their aroma. It is always important to remember that taking into account all these factors can help you make sure you get the best flowers for your special day. My son is getting married in a few months and his wife wants to have tulips at the wedding, so I’ll remind them to consider the smell of the flowers when choosing them.

Emily says:

Great ideas with such an ideal floral decor will remembered !
Words cannot express how much i am glad that i found this blog.I am just speechless.Because i Love beautiful flowers decor 🙂
Thank you for sharing your Great trick!! Once again, I’ve learned something new! 🙂

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