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Classic, Current, and Unconventional First Dance Songs


Choosing the song you’ll have your First Dance to can be almost as meaningful as writing your vows. If you and your fiancé don’t have a song that you claim as your own, finding one that balances passion and romance with flirtatious fun can be difficult. Add to the list that it has to be a song that you can dance to, and that ensures your guests won’t get bored, and you’ve got a daunting task that is nearly impossible to check off your to-do list.

We’ve comprised a list below of the most popular songs used as a first dance traditionally, trending tracks from modern playlists, and a few selections for those unique brides who want to stand out.

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Classic The beautiful thing about using a more traditional song for your first dance is that there are so many versions out there from more modern artists and YouTube sensations, making it easy to find an artist that will complement your personality and the atmosphere of the reception.

Etta James- At Last This song oozes elegance and sophistication. Taking your guests back to the early 60s, long, slow dips and easy sways are a must for this classy melody.

Aerosmith- Don’t Want To Miss A Thing If you don’t love this song, you’re wrong. How can you not feel the passion and desire threaded through Steven Tyler’s voice? An easy song to sing along to, this one is a crowd favorite. Waterboys- How Long Will I Love You When listening to this song, consider using Ellie Goulding’s version. While the Waterboys created a lyrical masterpiece that will bring a tear to your eye, their version is a little too upbeat and bouncy for your first dance. Ellie’s artistic styling adds an acoustic touch that spotlights the lyrics. Ben E. King- Stand by Me Trust me on this one, if you haven’t considered it as your first dance, you should. It’s a little upbeat, but not in a way that makes it challenging to slow dance to. Add a little bounce to your step and celebrate your lifelong commitment to each other!   Trending Now Recently, we’ve seen heartfelt ballads growing in popularity on the radio. Using a song that was released on your wedding date or when you first started dating will make it that much more special when you look back on it in years to come.

Lee Brice- I Don’t Dance For all the country girls out there, this song is the perfect song for you and your cowboy. Prove that you have your man “in the palm of your hand” and get him out there on the dance floor!

Thomas Rhett- Die A Happy Man Men, take note: every lyric of this song should be sung to your wife as you’re spinning her around on the dance floor. Trust me on this. There will not be a dry eye in the crowd. Dan and Shay- From the Ground Up Just listen to the lyrics! “And we’ll build this love from the ground up/ For worse or for better/ And I will be all you need/ Beside you, I’ll stand through the good and the bad/ We’ll give all that we have.” Need we say more?

Nathan Sykes- Over and Over Again If you haven’t heard this song yet, GO RIGHT NOW! It is the absolute perfect song for a first dance, and the version featuring Ariana Grande adds another dimension of emotion. With beautiful lyrics that are perfect to sing to each other as you gaze into your new spouse’s eyes, this up-and-coming song is about to crash every wedding in the next few months. Original and Unconventional If you want something a little more original, imagine gifting your guests with a new favorite song, or want to break away from the trends, these next songs are for you. Taking lesser-known musicians with a knack for waxing starry-eyed poetic verses, these songs are sure to combine originality with romance.

SafetySuit- Never Stop(Wedding Version) You’re welcome. SafetySuit even has a Wedding Version meant to play on your big day because that’s how perfect this song is for a first dance. A promise as meaningful as your vows, these lyrics will turn you into a blubbering mess. We’re not kidding.

Hot Chelle Rae- The Only One “Before you/ I was waiting for my life to begin/ You are, you are the proof/ that love is beautiful.” How can you not feel the emotion in those lyrics? What’s great about this song is that the verses are just slightly slower before the chorus erupts into a more upbeat melody, offering the bride and groom the chance to do more than sway back and forth in a circle.

Derek Gust- Growlove Perfect for the indie couple, this YouTube hopeful from Canada, has written the perfect song to add a little swing to your hips as you waltz around the dance floor. It will bring a smile to you and your guests’ faces and may introduce you to your new favorite artist. Cole Swindell- I Just Want You For anyone who loves country music but also loves finding new artists, feast your ears on rising star Cole Swindell’s “I Just Want You.” Meaningful, passionate, and hopeful for what the future holds, Cole knows all the right things to say to make your heart melt. 

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Whichever song you decide on, make sure it means something to both you and your fiancé. It doesn’t have to describe the growth of your relationship in exact detail, but choosing a song with lyrics that you can imagine reciting to each other for the rest of your lives is important. Talk with your DJ or musician (still, need one? Check our local vendor list!) if you don’t want an overplayed or cliche song, or to make sure they have your song in their library. Decide which songs you do not want to be played at your wedding -some brides hate the chicken dance or hokey pokey – and consider taking some dancing lessons a few months beforehand to learn some tried and true moves that are sure to impress your guests. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and let us know which first dance songs you love!


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