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How to Assemble the Perfect Wedding Invitation


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So you are planning for the biggest day of your life, and you have already decided on those select few (or hundred) guests that will be attending your magnificent wedding. The stage is set, the date has been chosen, and you have a massive amount of invitations just begging to be sent out. So exactly how do you put together a classy invitation suite for your wedding? Where do you begin?

At this point, you should’ve already sent out your Save-The-Dates. About three months before your wedding, it’s time to send out the invitations. Here are some materials that you’ll need to put together a formal wedding invitation:

• The wedding invitation itself • Reception cards, announcing the location and details of your reception • Response cards • Response envelopes, stamped and labeled with a return address • Directions/map cards • Inner envelopes • Outer envelopes • Tissue Paper (optional): Traditionally, many couples used tissue paper to prevent their ink from smearing. With today’s more smear-free invites, tissue paper is more of a preference than a requirement.

Now that you ordered all of these materials from your local Stationery Expert, just follow this simple six step guide and get started on those wedding invitations!

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Jeneze Designs


Make sure that all of your envelopes (both inner and outer) are addressed and stamped accordingly before assembling. This way there won’t be any awkward writing-mark indentations on the wedding invitation.


Insert the wedding invitation into the inner envelope, with the front of the invitation facing the open flap of the envelope. If you’re using tissue paper, now is the time you would want to break it out to place between each layer.


Next, you’ll want to place the reception card face-up on top of the invitation. Note that if the invitation is folded style, enclosures will be placed within the folded invitation – not on top.


Place remaining enclosure cards (i.e. map card and hotel accommodations card) face-up on top of the reception card. If there are separate directions for the ceremony and the reception, make sure that the directions to the ceremony are on top of the directions to the reception.

Wedding Invitation | Sanaz Photography | As seen on


Place the reply envelope on top of the enclosure cards – the reply card itself should be tucked under its envelope’s flap. Make sure to place face-up so that the printed side of the reply card is visible. Contrary to somewhat popular belief, do not place the reply card inside of the reply envelope.


After you have all of these elements inserted into the inner envelope, slip the unsealed inner envelope into the outer envelope with the names facing the back flap. Use this blog for tips on how to address the outer envelope.

More of a visual learner? No problem! Check out our video tutorial!

With these six easy steps, you’ll have your wedding invitations finished and sent out to your guests in no time. Not only will it make it easier for you by following these simple steps, but your invitations will have a classy appeal that everyone will be talking about until the big day.

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Jasmine says:

Wow, what a blog with great info! I really enjoyed your article about perfect wedding invitation. The last one is really cool and I am gonna make one for my frinds this new year.

Great Post..
I really like your post regarding wedding invitations.

I appreciate that you talked about how it’s important to design the two invitations separately but together. I would think that it’s important to have a consistent theme. It’s probably also smart to find the right designs for invitations, when it comes to placement, fonts, etc. Maybe considering hiring someone.

Nparekh says:

Hey the invitations are really very nice!! I loved the last one. Keep on posting more such information and ideas!

Sweety says:

Absolutely amazing! some of them are masterpieces. I love to see the creativity growing 🙂

ThiepXinh says:

I really like your post regarding wedding invitations. What a blog with great info!

Thanks for sharing this step-by-step guide as well the video, I’m more of a kinesthetic learner but both works fine. It’s absolutely classy, I hope you can share more other designs.

Monica Soni says:

These are the amazing way to fold your wedding cards. Thanks for sharing it. Any Wedding cards either its Sikh wedding cards or Christian wedding cards are an important part of the wedding day for a couple. So doing everything on point can make you look out of the box.

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