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Tuxedo style is dictated largely by the jacket. Everything else – whether trousers, shirt collars, cuffs or accessories – serves as a complement to the look and can set you apart from similarly dressed groomsmen. Since most couples choose a style or theme for their wedding, it’s important to choose the type of tuxedo that coordinates with the overall theme.

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Classic Classic tuxedo jackets are the most common type worn at formal and semi-formal weddings. They are available in single or double-breasted styles. Single-breasted jackets have one to four buttons in front, while double-breasted jackets have two to six buttons in front. Lapels are available in three types: peaked, notched or shawl. Peaked lapels are wide, V-shaped and point up & out. Notched lapels are the least formal and have a triangular indention where the lapel meets the collar. Shawl lapels are smooth and rounded without a notch. Keep in mind that tuxedo jackets should be worn with the same colored trousers.

Full Dress Full-dress tuxedo jackets are also known as tails or tailcoats. Full-dress tuxedos are usually worn at very formal evening weddings. The jacket is short in the front, has two long tails in the back and features two to six buttons in front. Like classic jackets, tails are to be worn with trousers of the same color.

Mandarin Mandarin tuxedo jackets are also known as Nehru or Mao jackets. They have a stand-up collar, no lapel and are worn with a Mandarin- or band-collared shirt. Mandarin- or band-collar shirts also stand up around the neck. Although not as popular as the classic or full dress coat, mandarin coats can be a great option for the right groom.

Stroller coat Stroller coats are shaped similarly to classic tuxedo jackets. They are typically worn at semi-formal daytime weddings. They are typically gray or black in color and paired with gray or gray pinstriped trousers.

Cutaway Cutaway tuxedo jackets are also known as morning coats. They are generally worn at formal daytime weddings. Cutaway jackets are cropped in the front and taper to a wide tail in the back. These jackets come in black or gray and are paired with gray or gray pinstriped trousers.


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