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Rethinking Your DIY Wedding Decor


There’s no denying it – weddings are expensive. We all love to save money (almost as much as we love to spend it). Therefore, many brides have been opting to have a DIY wedding rather than hiring professionals. What they don’t realize is that their choice will probably cost them more.

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We’ve all seen those pictures of people’s DIY disasters . How many times have you seen an “Easy hairdos in 10 minutes,” tried to do it yourself, and it turned out completely wrong? You do not want to risk your wedding day looking like a kindergarten arts & crafts gallery. Leave it to the professionals to make sure your theme is portrayed in a sophisticated and effortless manner.


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By trying to save money, you could actually be throwing money out the door.

One popular wedding DIY is creating unique lanterns to hang from the ceiling by adhering twine to a balloon. Not only does this take a lot of work, but you’ll also be spending money on the materials. In the end, the craft usually doesn’t work out (the string collapses with the balloon or turn a putrid shade of yellow), and the bride ends up going to a professional anyway. Can you imagine hanging this lantern at your wedding? Save yourself the time, trouble, and money of going through a trial and error process to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Where’s cousin Becky?

In 10 years, you may look back on your photos wondering why your beloved cousin Becky isn’t in any of them. Then you’ll remember: Oh, yea. She’s the one taking the photos. Don’t deprive yourself of spending time with your family and friends. If that means splurging a little to hire an experienced photographer, so be it. Your dream wedding won’t be a dream if you have no loved ones to share it with because they’re serving cake or filling water glasses.

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The stress is not worth it.

Odds are, you have a full time job. You may have a pet. Maybe you are just starting your exercise regimen to get in shape for your wedding. You have a lot on your plate already! From caterer tastings and bridal fittings, to showers and venue tours, do you honestly have time to devote to creating a bouquet made out of book pages? Wouldn’t you prefer look back andreminisce about the memories you made rather than thinking about how stressful it was? Spend the rest of your engagement carefree with your family, loved ones, and fiancé instead of a glue gun and glitter.

When you’re scrolling through Pinterest for your wedding board, DIY projects can offer great inspiration. Attempting them yourself, however, may not turn out the way you want. This is one of the only days where you’ll get to completely spoil yourself. Take advantage of it! Hire professionals who have experience to create the wedding of your dreams. They will make sure everything is the way you pictured it. Most importantly, they’ll take a huge weight off of your shoulders.

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Whatever you do, DO NOT DIY these aspects for your big day:


Hiring a professional ensures that you’ll have the best quality photos for the rest of your life. These photos will be passed down from generation to generation, so give them the consideration they deserve.

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Hair and Makeup

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The hairdo’s you see on Pinterest aren’t as easy as they look! What if you have a bad hair day? What if it’s super humid, and your hair gets frizzy or you sleep in rollers and end up looking like Shirley Temple? What about reaching the back of your head when you want to do an intricate braid, hide a bobby-pin, or create the perfect loose wave? A hair stylist has a trunk load of products to battle any environmental element or crisis. Plus, they know how to display the latest trends in an effortless and natural way. You can schedule trial runs to ensure your hair is exactly how you want it. Get bridal hair ideas and inspiration on our Pinterest page.

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One of the biggest mistakes you can make is creating your own playlist for your wedding or trying to use a streaming website like Pandora, Spotify, or Apple music. Not only will a DJ play the hottest music to keep your guests dancing, he or she can seamlessly transition into another song if no one is dancing. Can’t decide on a first dance song? Your DJ will have plenty of suggestions, or you can check out our blog here! The best benefit of a DJ? They act as a Master of Ceremonies. That means they’ll keep you on schedule so you don’t forget the bouquet toss!

Find Local Djs and musicians:


Wedding Cake

Creating a wedding cake is much harder than most brides imagine. To create a tiered cake, you have to shave off the top of the cake to make it perfectly level and have tubs upon tubs of icing. The amount of money you’ll spend on ingredients for trial and errors alone is nearly as much as a professional cake. That’s not to mention the mess it’ll create in your kitchen! If you’re a perfectionist, you’re going to find every little detail that’s wrong. Even if you do somehow create the perfect cake, transporting it is another thing. Do yourself a favor, and book a bake shop to create, decorate, and deliver your cake.

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Find Local cake decorators:


Rental Company (set-up and tear-down staff)

Do you really want to rush around before you walk down the aisle trying to get everything set up? Or stay hours after your party has ended because you have to clean up and return your rentals? You’ve done your fair share of planning. Your wedding day should be when all your hard work comes to fruition. Let someone else do the heavy lifting of setting-up and tearing-down your reception so you can continue your celebration and won’t have to miss a beat.



Planning a wedding is stressful and overwhelming enough before creating decor, baking a wedding cake, or organizing a well-rounded playlist. You don’t want to look back on your day and remember it as a stressful, panic-filled event. Instead, flip through your artistically edited photos and remember how easy your planning was because you hired professionals.


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