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4 Ways to Include your Kids in your Wedding


When it comes to blending two families together, things get a little more complicated when children from previous relationships are involved. It is important to make your kids feel like they are a part of this special day. Their lives are changing just as much as yours is, if not more.

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If your children are older, it might be a little easier to make them feel involved. Invite them to be a bridesmaid or groomsman! This way they will feel like they are a part of all the fun. Have them join in on all the pre-wedding parties, even the bachelor/bachelorette parties. There are many different alternatives that don’t involve a night of drinking. You can go to a spa day, concert, or even take a road trip! Check out more ideas for an alternative to the usual bar crawl here.

If you still want a crazy night out with your friends, consider doing a spa trip during the day, and a night out once the kids are in bed. That way you get the best of both worlds, and your children still feel like they are involved.

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Another great way to incorporate your children, no matter what age, is by having them attend your engagement photo session!  You can mix it up a bit and get some photos of just you and your fiance, and some with the kids. This way you have some professional photos of the whole blended family to hang in your house. Just make sure to inform your photographer that kids will be a part of the engagement shoot so they are prepared, especially if you have young kids.

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One of the best ways to make your child feel involved on your wedding day is to make them a part of the vows. Whether you are mentioning them in the vows you wrote your fiance or writing completely separate ones for their son or daughter, the effort and love that you express will make that moment even more special.

If the kids are old enough, consider having them write a paragraph or two to read to their new step-parent. The more you incorporate them in your wedding day, the more they will feel like they have a say in their new family arrangement.

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Ask your child to help with the planning process. This is probably the simplest way to make them feel involved. Bring them to dress fittings, ask them which bouquet they like more, have them taste cakes with you – what kid wouldn’t love that? Any amount of effort shown by you to include them will be noticed and appreciated. Being a kid of a parent who is getting re-married can be difficult. They may feel like their opinion doesn’t matter. Show them it does by including them in any way you can, no matter how small.

The last thing you want is a rocky start to your marriage because your kids feel left out. Finding any little way to make them feel just as important on this big day can fix that. If anything this day means more because you are gaining twice as much love with this marriage!

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Smiley Snaps says:

Really Awesome Your Blog. I am a Wedding Photographers in Chennai. I like to share here something. A very modern and also special idea to include children in marriage, is to make a second commitment with the child of your fiancé (a). However, if your fiancé (a) was already a father before meeting you and you want to include your child in a beautiful and special way at the wedding, marry also with him (her). Make a symbolic act of commitment as well as giving your vows, promising your unconditional love until death separates them. For sure, it will be a very emotional act that will surely captivate your heart and that of many people in the meeting.

Another way to include children and also perfect if they are children of the couple, is to give them the role of writing the phrases for wedding invitations . Pretend that they ask their guests to attend their parents’ wedding and that they will also be happy to share those moments with all of them. It is a very tender way of giving preamble to your marriage.

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