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Unconventional Wedding Registry Ideas


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Having a registry for your wedding is one of the best ways to get some items that you need as newly weds. But who says you can’t get creative with your registry? Traditionally, engaged couples create a registry for some items they may need for the home at the start of their marriage. Stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Dillard’s, Macy’s and Target, all offer free registry services. However, there are other alternatives to the traditional registry.

Here are some unconventional registry ideas that you and your significant other may want to do!


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Let’s face it, honeymoons can be very expensive! In addition to what you may have already spent on the wedding, a honeymoon may seem like a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be! A honeymoon registry is a great idea that can help lower the cost and get you and your significant other to the place of your dreams. With a honeymoon fund, people can look up your name and donate to your experience! How great is that? Digital cash registries are a more convenient way to get some money for your big day! Some travel agents offer this service, so talk to yours to find out what your options are!

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Gift Card

Gift cards can be a great addition to your traditional registry! Some great gift card ideas are Amazon, Netflix, grocery stores, department stores, and romantic restaurants. These are sure to be used after the big “I do.” Gift cards come in handy for those inevitable, unexpected expenses. Gift cards also make it easy for those guests who just don’t know what they want to give you. If you’d like to exclusively have a gift card registry, there are sites that allow you to do so! You can just add gift cards from the stores you like and people can have them sent to you, throw them in the card box at your reception, or you can redeem them online!

Charity donation

Charity registries are a nice and selfless way to give back. There are many ways to set up a charity registry. One of the simplest ways is to use free software like GoFundMe to post on your social media and fundraise for a certain charity. Other sites, like CrowdRise, make setting up a charity registry easy, also. There are thousands of charities available on CrowdRise. You simply choose the one you want and the money you raise goes directly to the charities you choose to support. Or, direct your guests to shop for your wedding gift using Your or your guests can choose a charity, and .5% of the amount spent will be donated to them by the SmileAmazon Foundation.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry employed this registry for their own wedding. For the couples who would rather give money to others, a charity registry is the way to go!

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subscription box

A subscription box is one of our favorite solutions for those who just don’t know what to give. There are such a wide variety of boxes to choose from that guests are sure to find something you will love! Plus, they can choose a one-time delivery, or set up a delivery for several months in a row. From books to home decor and food to beauty items, they can find the perfect gift within their budget.


How cool would it be to go on fun adventures with your significant other? This is a perfect way for guests to give you something more fun and unique for your registry. Suggest experiences like kayaking, dance lessons, camping, cooking classes, ziplinging, and skydiving! Not only will you have fun, but the memories will last forever! You’ll think of the gifter throughout the experience, and will be so thankful for the opportunity and adventure they gave you. Don’t forget to write them a thank you note!

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There is nothing wrong with registering for the traditional household items. When else will you get new towels, sheets, silverware, dishware, cookware, furniture, and more for free?! It’s a deal too good to pass up. But if you have everything you need or you want to add options to the traditional registry, consider something a little more unconventional.

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