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Must-Have Wedding Videography Shots


Videography – for some unknown reason – is one aspect of a wedding that couples feel is a “splurge.” They only include it if they have enough money in the budget. That shocks us, because we think it is a must-have! You have no idea how many newlyweds regret not having a videographer. The reason why is because video captures so much that a still photo cannot.

Hiring a photographer isn’t even a question when it comes to your wedding. Of course you’ll have wedding photos! While we don’t contest that, we do question why you don’t have the same mindset when it comes to videography. We don’t think you should replace a photographer with a videographer. However, we think videographers should be as necessary as a venue, caterer, and florist to your wedding day. Why? Because they capture actions, emotions, interactions, and memories, live.

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Getting Ready

Though you’ll have photos of your stylist doing your hair and your bridesmaids helping you dress, a videographer can capture so much more. You can watch your fiance nervously fiddle with his cuff links. Remember your bridesmaids singing along to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Relive your late grandmother fixing her heirloom sapphire brooch in your hair.

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Orchard Photography

Reaction to Seeing Each Other

Whether you have a first look or wait until you walk down the aisle, you’ll want to see your loved ones’ reactions. You can have a first look with your wedding party, parents, or fiance. No matter who it is, their reactions will be dramatic and emotional. A video will get their tears, squeals, exclamations, hugs, and more. If you’re walking down the aisle, your photographer may catch the initial reaction, but what about when you start laughing at your fiance’s tears or spot your college roommate in the crowd? With video, you’ll not only see your reactions played back, but also those of your guests!




If you write your vows on your phone, you could lose them when you upgrade. If you write them on paper, you could misplace them. With video, you’ll never have to remember what you said to each other on your wedding day. It will be captured and ready to playback for generations! The tears, shaking voice, trembling hands, laughter, and love can be heard on replay. Plus, you’ll capture your Officiant’s sermon and the readings and music selections you chose.


Similarly, you can hear the Best Man talk about welcoming you to the family and how well you all get along. Listen to your Maid-of-Honor remember the first time she met your fiance and all the many nights you spent planning the wedding. Rewatch your dad steal the show with his hilarious toast, reminiscing about your childhood crush.

Wedding Videography | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on
Sabrina Hall Photography

Important Dances

Your photographer may capture your adorable laughter as your new spouse spins you on the dance floor. But their photo of him spontaneously dipping you may result in a bad angle. A video of your dance will show every single step. And it’s not just for your first dance! They’ll capture your wedding party’s entrance, your father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, your cousin slaying The Wobble, and your grandparents slow dancing.


Interaction with Loved Ones

As hard as it is to think about, you won’t always be able to hear your grandmother’s advice or your father’s go-to joke. Hiring a videographer ensures that you’ll always be able to relive those emotional moments with your loved ones. You may grow apart from one of your bridesmaids, or a cousin may move across the country. You’ll be able to reconnect with that person simply by rewatching your wedding video.

Wedding videos are something you will never regret investing in. You can share it with your out-of-town family and friends who couldn’t make it. Post it on social media. Watch it every anniversary. Show it to your future children. When you’re talking to a videographer, be sure to ask about their shot list and mention these key shots!

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