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Hosting a wedding around a holiday can lead to a lot of pressure. You want to embody the spirit of the festivities, but you don’t want your decor to come off cheesy or tacky. How can you find that perfect balance for your Halloween wedding? We have a few ideas…

Halloween is such a versatile holiday, as is obvious through the variety of costume options. You can be a scary witch, a sexy nurse, or a funny pun. When you’re planning a wedding, it’s important to have a consistent design. The best way to do this is by choosing a theme. The first question you should ask yourself is: do I want my Halloween wedding to be fun, scary, or reflect Day of the Dead?

I’m Here for the Boos

Think back to dressing up as a kid and going door to door asking “Trick or Treat!” That’s the spirit you want to convey for a fun Halloween celebration! Offer a candy bar for guests to fill up bags with their favorite treats. Make this even more Halloween-y by putting the candy inside cauldrons! You could even have your flower girl toss mini candy bars into the aisle rather than flowers!

Some fun activities you can have to entertain your guests are a photo booth with fake mustaches, witches hats, and Freddy Krueger masks, a bobbing for apples station, and encouraging your guests to wear costumes instead of formalwear and hosting a contest! Just be sure no one dresses up as a bride. Ask your DJ to play Monster Mash and Thriller and give away prizes for the best costume, best impression, and best dance.

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Til Death Do Us Part

Haunted houses, paranormal movies, werewolves, full moons, zombies, foggy graveyards, and black cats are just a few of the scarier aspects of Halloween. After all, this is a day to honor the dead! Host a scary Halloween reception by dimming the lights, stringing up floating candles from the ceiling, and using uplighting and a fog machine to create an eerie atmosphere where shadows run wild. Create an air of mystery by hosting a masquerade. Ask guests to bring their own, or offer a selection to take as their favor. During your cocktail hour, serve drinks out of a steaming cauldron and offer shots from syringes while an artist sculpts a large pumpkin using a chainsaw! Bring the saying “Til Death Do Us Part” to life by having your rings delivered in a mini-coffin, wearing a black dress, and offering your guests a unique experience by hiring a psychic to predict fortunes!

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Rob + Kristen Photography

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Day of the Wed

Both Halloween and Day of the Dead believe that the day serves as a sort of portal for the dead to walk the earth again. Whereas Halloween-goers see evil in this idea and dwell on the scary side of death, Day of the Dead celebrates that we may once again be reunited with loved ones. It’s a day where you celebrate life rather than mourn the dead – perfect for celebrating a new marriage! Therefore, you’ll often see bright colors decorating elaborate altars and beautiful sugar skulls.

To embrace this Mexican holiday, you must embrace their culture! Hang a pinata bursting with candy or confetti for a fun activity and photo op and offer face painting as a traditional Day of the Dead festivity. Serve traditional Mexican meals and drinks (margaritas, anyone?), use brightly colored tablecloths, and drape banners and flags from the walls and ceiling. Instead of using the traditional figurines at the top of your cake, ask your cake decorator to create sugar skeletons!

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Primary Petals

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A Cake Come True

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Holiday weddings can be so fun! Everyone is already in a celebratory spirit. Be sure to send out your save-the-dates and invitations early, though, as some guests may already have plans. For more Halloween Wedding inspiration, check out our Pinterest board – just be sure not to get too many ideas. Halloween decorations can easily come off as silly or tacky. Hiring a professional decorator or wedding planner will ensure that your wedding embraces the spirit of Halloween for a wedding celebration your guests won’t soon forget!


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