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Men’s Attire 101


You’ll have more eyes on you on your wedding day than any other day of your life! Your typical business suit just won’t cut it. You should look sharp and well-dressed. Know exactly what to look for with the tips, tricks, and trends below!


The Difference Between Tuxedos and Suits

As the groom, should you rent/buy a tuxedo or suit for the wedding day? What is the difference? Is a tuxedo just a more formal version of a suit? The answer is no! There are many differences between the fabric choices, make, and number of pieces that come with each ensemble.

Tuxedos typically feature a bow-tie while suits often have vertical ties or no tie at all. Tuxedo jackets have one button and one or no vents in the back whereas suits have 2 or 3 buttons and multiple vents. Suits have lapel holes for boutonnieres and a breast pocket for pocket squares, but a tuxedo’s lapels are made from a different fabric, typically satin. Tuxedos forgo belt loops and add a cummerbund, while suits add a vest for a more formal look. Tuxedos are generally all black, but can come in white; suits can come in multiple colors, textures, and patterns.

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Fit Tips

Though suits have 2 or 3 buttons, the top button should fall just above your belly button and should never be clasped. Also, the bottom button of your vest shouldn’t be buttoned. Your shirt sleeves should be about a half an inch longer than your jacket sleeves, and if you’re wearing a tuxedo, they should be French cuffed. Check out this blog for even more tips on a perfectly fitting suit!

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Groom vs. Groomsmen Attire

The groom and the groomsmen can match, but lately the popular trend is for the groom to stand out with his attire. The father-of-the-bride and father-of-the-groom should also have complementary outfits. If you’ll be dressed in tuxedos, the best way to do this is for the groom to have a black satin tie and the groomsmen and fathers to have gray or colored ties. You can also make this distinction with the cummerbund.

Having the groom and groomsmen dressed differently is easier to achieve with suits, as you can be more lenient with shirt colors, vest and tie patterns, and even suit fabrics. For example, the groom can wear a black suit while the groomsmen wear gray suits. Or, the groom could wear navy blue shirt and the groomsmen can sport light blue shirts.

Popular Trends

Get creative with your suit! Try different colors and patterns, like checked, tweed, mauve, green, blue, or white. Add a touch of personality with a patterned shirt or tie, colorful pocket square, goofy socks, or an unusual boutonniere. Think golf tee, pinwheel, feather or leaf, wheat, mini action figures, or guitar picks! Check out some of the hottest men’s attire trends in this blog.


On the most important day of your life, look the part! Choose your groom’s attire wisely with these tips and trends.


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