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Wedding Programs | From Old School to Scene Stealer


When considering whether or not you should take the time to research, design, and pay for wedding programs, you may think the effort isn’t worth it. Does anyone even read them anymore? The answer is… absolutely! Couples are tapping into their imaginations when coming up with original ways to design programs. Check out some of our favorite examples.


Wedding Program Fan | Gideon Photography | As seen on

Gideon Photography

One of the more popular options for wedding programs lately is a paper fan. Guests are especially grateful for this unexpected favor when attending an outdoor, summer wedding. Not only does it provide your guests with an idea of what the schedule for the day looks like, but it also provides a nice breeze when the sun gets a little too hot.

If you’re having a fold-out fan, add information on each “page” of the fan. You could include the story of how you met, how he proposed, how you met each of the wedding party members, fun facts about the couple (who is the messiest, who eats the most, who made the first move), along with the schedule for the ceremony and the remainder of the day.


Bride and groom holding newspaper program | Riverland Photography | As seen on

Riverland Photography

How stinkin’ cute is this newspaper program? Complete with engagement photos, adorable selfies, fun facts about the couple, and the story of your relationship, this one-of-a-kind program/keepsake is sure to keep those early bird guests entertained. Need yet another way to surprise them with a fun addition? Add a crossword puzzle or word search to the newspaper or back of your program!

Double Duty

Popcorn Program | Clane Gessel Photography | As seen on

Clane Gessel Photography

There are no words to describe HOW GENIUS THIS IS! Provide a popcorn machine with containers that double as programs! Each side can have a something different – the ceremony schedule, list of readings, favorite lyrics or quotes, or trivia. The best part about this creative idea is that it allows the couple to make it as personal as they want. If you don’t like popcorn, try candy or trail mix instead! This is a great way to satisfy your guests, keep children quiet during the ceremony, and provide your guests with the information they’ll need for the day. How much more perfect can it get?


Wedding Sign | Genevieve Nisly Photography | As seen on

Genevieve Nisly Photography

If you want to go a more sustainable route, create a customized sign to stand at the entrance of your ceremony site where guests can gather the information they need before continuing the day. A custom sign or the ever-trendy framed mirror will save paper.



Contemporary couples have really taken to the idea of making their wedding day their own. The wedding program is a great way to do that! You can add a little humor with a cover stating “A guide to not falling asleep and figuring out what’s going on,” or make a flip book illustrating how your relationship progressed. Incorporate favorite quotes and song lyrics or take on a narrative voice when writing out your love story.

All in all, the decision is yours on whether you think it’s necessary to provide programs to your guests, but they are definitely not going out of style.



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