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Cottagecore Wedding Ideas for the Nostalgic Bride


2020 had us spending most of our days at home, finding joy in familiar comforts. Stay-at-home orders and a desire for simplicity and nostalgia inspired trends like picnics, breadmaking, and the rise of the Cottagecore wedding aesthetic. 

Inspired by the romantic ideal of living in a cottage in the countryside, Cottagecore (also referred to as Countrycore or Fairycore) first gained its popularity on TikTok and Pinterest with posts to inspire modern escapist fantasies. Think long billowy dresses, gingham tablecloths, and baskets of wildflowers.

This romantic and nostalgic trend lends itself beautifully to the bridal industry — let’s take a look at how. 

cottagecore Attire

When it comes to wedding fashion, the Cottagecore aesthetic is a natural progression of the trends that have defined millennial wedding style: rustic, intimate, and understated beauty. Cottagecore wedding attire lets you stand out while feeling comfortable and not overdone. 

Brides and Bridesmaids

As far as your gown goes, think whimsical, ethereal, flowy dresses, loose, sheer, romantic sleeves, and layers upon layers of tulle. Basically, something straight from a fairytale. Dreaming of a non-traditional gown? Try a faded floral pattern. Your inner woodland princess will approve!

A bridesmaid tip: color coordinated, rather than matching, dresses in different silhouettes are a great way to achieve the eclectic look of the Cottagecore style, and sticking to luxurious fabrics in muted or neutral colors allows you to maintain an air of romance. 

Grooms and Groomsmen

Grooms and groomsmen can relax in non-black suits, floral, paisley, or gingham ties, pocket squares, and suspenders. It’s dapper, quirky, and fun, and gives the groom a chance to show his personality more than the traditional black-tie tuxedo.

Check out our other tips on how to Dress Up Your Groom’s Attire for ideas and inspiration on how help your groom look his best and his self on your wedding day.

rustic Venues

One of the great things about this wedding aesthetic is just how versatile it can be. It was born out of a desire for the simplicity of familiar comforts, and familiar comforts look different to different people.

Maybe, for you, that means an outdoor venue, with the sounds of rushing water or lake water lapping at the shore in the distance. Or, perhaps for you, comfort means being surrounded by family in a warm, candle lit barn filled to the brim with laughter and live music. Your comfort may come from your daydreams of being married in an old castle or from somewhere as simple as your childhood back yard. The possibilities are endless. 

We’ve got some GREAT venues that would make dreamy settings for any Cottagecore wedding right here in Northeastern Ohio, such as 

Be sure to check these out, as well as other great local venues. For many of us, comfort means home. And there are so many great venues right here in Northeastern Ohio!

Decorative Magic

It’s common to shy away from the outdoor wedding due to weather considerations or an urban environment. Luckily, there are still ways to incorporate the Cottagecore aesthetic into your indoor event through décor

Cottagecore Lighting, Florals, & Table Setting

Fairy lights, taper candles, and tea lights are all great ways to create a fairy-like aura through lighting. Amp up the romance your candles already bring with mixed brass candlesticks and candelabras for your taper candles or glass dishes and lanterns for tea lights. Want to create that under-the-stars feeling indoors? Hanging fairy lights are a beautiful and affordable way to achieve the illusion of a starry night. Check out our ideas for lighting your reception here.

As far as flowers go, think luscious, maximalist wildflower bouquets, greenery garlands, and even flower crowns. Opt for blossoms that are sweet, rather than luxurious, such as daisies, baby’s breath, and lavender. Dried flowers and pampas grass also make great additions to a bouquet or centerpiece!

As for tableware, think eclectic. What would you find in the china cabinet of a cottage in the woods? Mixed-metal cutlery, assorted brass candlesticks, china in varying floral patterns — the mismatched tableware trend lends itself perfectly to the Cottagecore aesthetic. Fabrics like tulle, gauze, and linen all make for great table runners that embody the relaxed and rustic feel of Cottagecore décor. Because Cottagecore décor celebrates understated beauty, neutral tones are typically best suited as far as runners go. But, if you wish to opt for a pop of color, try natural shades like faded rust or sage green. Luscious fabrics in muted tones — that’s the magic duo.

Let these recommendations inspire you, but most importantly make sure that you are choosing details that you love and that bring you joy. After all, that’s what your wedding day is truly about. 2020 was a tough year for everyone. We can all use the celebration of beauty, comfort, and simplicity that Cottagecore brings.


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