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Four Unconventional Wedding Gowns Trending in 2021


Not so keen on hosting a “traditional” wedding? You’re not alone —  more and more we are seeing couples take a less typical route for their nuptials, especially as Gen Z begins to leave their mark on the wedding scene. We’re seeing nontraditional cakes, rule-breaking ceremonies, and unconventional wedding gowns. And honestly — we’re all for it!

After all, it’s 2021! There are so many wedding traditions that have been around for centuries. It’s easy to get lost in trying to abide by all of them. And because of this, sometimes the real meaning of your wedding is lost too. Here’s our opinion: the only real rule that you need to follow for your wedding is to keep your love intact and plan something that represents your relationship. No two couples are the same; it makes sense for your wedding to be just as unique as you are!

Thus begins our newest series on the blog: the unconventional wedding. And what better place to start than with the wedding symbol that is perhaps the most iconic of them all: The Dress. Here’s our roundup of some of the latest and greatest unconventional wedding gowns trending on the wedding scene today. 

Unconventional Wedding Gowns | Meg Brooke Photography

Meg Brooke Photography

So long, big, white weddings!

Here lies the once-great white wedding gown, may she rest in peace.

Okay, so that’s a bit dramatic. We acknowledge that the white wedding gown will never really be gone. But more and more now brides are opting for bright and bold hues that buck tradition. From close relatives of white like champagne and peach, to Earthy greens and blues, to show-stopping reds and even black, you can wear whatever color you like — nothing’s off limits anymore.

LGBTQ+ Brides | Chellise Michael Photography

Chellise Michael Photography

Inga Ezergale Design | Liliāna Lagzdiņa

Meg Brooke Photography

In 2018, influencer @chantellepaige‘s magical fairytale wedding in the woods inspired the bridal industry. She walked down the aisle in a sparkling, blue and white gown that gave off major Cinderella vibes. Take a look at her Real Wedding here.

Unconventional Wedding gowns: Prints!

We talked about Cottagecore weddings in our last blog, and how last year’s stay-at-home orders inspired a desire for simplicity, romance, and nostalgia. Thus, the printed wedding gown trend has bloomed. 

Whether it’s a multicolored floral print dress, flowers made of silk or chiffon, floral embroidery overlays, or a chic floral suit (more on that in a moment), wearing a floral printed dress, in a way, lets you be your own bouquet. Not to mention the endless other prints that exist. Dots? Pinstripe? Animal print? (Yep. We said it. Animal print.)

Unconventional Wedding Gowns | Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier | Jack Jeffries for Christian Oth Studio

Inga Ezergale Design | Liliāna Lagzdiņa


You want to talk unconventional wedding gowns? What could be more unconventional than not wearing a gown at all! Enter wedding jumpsuits, pantsuits, and rompers. 

What’s our take on the wedding pants trend? They’re modern, they’re stylish, and they’re practical! You’re going to be running around all day at your wedding. Try dropping it low on the dance floor in a full length ball gown. Or maneuvering the wilderness to get that perfect bridal portrait. Or separating a brawl between in-laws who spent just a little too much time at that open bar. 

Oh, and how about this one: walking down the aisle in front of 150 guests — in HEELS no less. Maybe our pantsuit brides are onto something here. Regardless, they look amazing. 

Wedding Jumpsuit | Sebastien Luke

Sébastien Luke

Eva Lendel Bridal Jumpsuit

Eva Lendel

Let’s get leggy!

This unconventional wedding gown trend dates back to the ’60s: the wedding mini-gown. White Audrey Hepburn’s iconic pink Givenchy dress from ’69 is the most famous, there were many other 1960s household names who opted for shorter styles. Sharon Tate. Jane Fonda. Raquel Welch. The list goes on. 

Fast forward to 2020. Brides everywhere were forced to pivot and change their wedding plans last year. Thus, elopements, as well as micro, at-home, and virtual weddings, have become commonplace. Because of this, bridal fashion has begun to head in a different direction. And hemlines are headed in a different direction as well: up! 

Unconventional Wedding Gowns | Abbi Cooley

Katie May | Images By Abbi

Unconventional Wedding Gowns

Anastasiya Gri  

Check out Instagram influencer @theconsciousbrunette‘s “eco-conscious elopement.” Her mini-dress inspired this blog!

bring on the unconventional wedding gowns

Like we said before: it’s 2021. There are really no limits to what you can and cannot wear on your day. (Okay, there are some limits. Just don’t show up naked and blame us, okay?)

What is most important on your day, is that you feel comfortable, you feel confident, and you feel beautiful. Whether that means you’re in pants, you’re in black, or you’re in a mini-skirt — who cares! The aesthetics are nice for photos, sure. But it’s that feeling that matters. Because, ultimately, that’s why you’re getting married. 

So bring on the nontraditional, rule-breaking, and unconventional wedding gowns — your wedding, your rules!


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