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Backup Plans for Outdoor Weddings


Outdoor weddings have stunning sights and are amazing backdrops for wedding photos. It’s hard to not fall in love with every one you see! The only problem with them is the weather. Sadly, we can’t book a sunny day in advance for the wedding – especially in Ohio. If you want an outdoor wedding, be sure to have a backup plan for any unfortunate weather. Take a look at our list to see what you can do!


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Tents are the perfect backup plan for an outdoor wedding. It can fit the guests underneath its canopy comfortably and can be set up in advance. Tents can even have clear panels so you and the guests can still enjoy the view of the outdoors through wind, rain, and snow! Heaters can be put in them to make them toasty and they shield everyone from the droplets outside. Just check out all the benefits of having a tent! If you do want to have a tent as a precaution, make sure the venue allows them. Ask them beforehand, so you don’t rent one and are disappointed when it does not go as planned.

To see beautiful tent weddings, check out our Pinterest!

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Event Insurance

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Some venues offer insurance for the wedding, which is great in Northeast Ohio. You never know when the weather might take a turn for the worse! If your venue doesn’t offer it, we suggest checking with your home or car insurance agency to see if you can add it to your plan.  Event insurance makes sure that you are covered in unpredictable circumstances. This insurance can range from $150-$400+. Even if you do not use it, you have the peace of mind that you won’t have to foot the bill should anything happen.

BackUp Items

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If you’ve booked an outdoor wedding and then notice a bad forecast the week before, offer items that guests can utilize. Umbrellas, raincoats, scarves, and gloves make fantastic emergency weather objects. You never know when the cold will strike, but you can prepare for it! These items will keep guests comfortable and you happy. You can also turn these into guest favors! It is unique and guests will appreciate you putting them first in the wedding planning. Who doesn’t love checking off two boxes on their checklist at once?

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inside backup

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If your venue has both indoor and outdoor options, you can sometimes reserve the indoor space if the weather goes array. We definitely suggest doing this if you’re planning to get married in May or September, when the weather can be hard to predict. Ask possible venues what their backup plan is, and if reserving the indoor rooms is an added fee. You do not have to worry about moving the wedding far. It may cost a little more money to make sure space is available, but it is worth it. You will appreciate having the backup space!


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Sometimes, you can wait out the weather. Rain usually doesn’t last that long. It can pass through an area in less than an hour! It isn’t ideal, but it is a free solution. Plus, it can be raining before the ceremony, but clear up just in time to start walking down the aisle. If you see those clouds rolling up, do not freak out! You may even want to take advantage of the storm to take gorgeous pictures! Just be sure to have a warm place to dry afterward.

Check out what other things you can do to deal with unexpected bad weather on your wedding day!

Weather in Ohio is unpredictable. Of course you want a nice, sunny day for your outdoor wedding. But it never hurts to be prepared. So when you are looking to book, check out your back up options! No one has ever been upset because they were too prepared!

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In the UK we have famously unpredictable weather. Yes, the best solution is a tent with lighting and a silent power supply. Great article.

You made a good point that nearby indoor venue would be a good backup in case the weather would not be good enough for an outdoor wedding. My best friend’s boyfriend recently proposed to him and he was asking me for help for the planning. I better start researching for wedding venues for LGBT couples because I’d like to make sure that I can make his special day very memorable.

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