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4 Benefits of a Tent Wedding


If you’re not the typical “cookie-cutter” bride and are looking for a unique and breathtaking venue, then consider hosting a tent wedding! There are so many new features and the benefits that come along with a tent wedding, and beauty and possibilities are endless.


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Genevieve Nisly Photography

“Tent rental is so important because you never know what the weather’s going to be like,” says Ramsey Duqum of Aable Rents. That’s especially true in Northeast Ohio! Just because you plan a wedding in June doesn’t mean you won’t encounter rain, and if you plan a wedding in May or September, there’s the chance you may still see snow! Having an outdoor tent wedding is a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather but also have a place of shelter in case Mother Nature is mad about not getting an invite. Plus, if you get walls, it can shelter you from all those pesky insects and will avoid any embarrassing pictures of you swatting away a bee. You can even heat or air-condition the tent to keep it the perfect temperature!

Dean from Miller’s Party Rentals ensures brides that “When it comes to rain and wind, a tent can be outfitted to handle both of those conditions.  Many tents are wind loaded for double digit wind gusts and side wall can be added to stop any rain from blowing into the tent.” Keep in mind, though, that tents are temporary structures and will not be as safe as a building. Ben from All Events Rental reminds brides that “Here in Ohio, during the busy wedding season, there’s typically one big storm per week. If we’re lucky, that storm happens on a Tuesday or Wednesday and doesn’t really impact your wedding. If you’re not so lucky, you’re seeking shelter on your wedding day from a thunderstorm or worse.” Though most tents can survive 40-60 mile per hour winds – and some can face up to 90 mph! – it can be unsafe and downright scary to do so. “Any good tenting company can supply a Tent Evacuation Plan in the scenario that having your event becomes too dangerous to have outside,” says Charlie from Miller’s.

Blank Canvas

Tent Wedding | Genevieve Nisly Photography | As seen on

Genevieve Nisly Photography

A tent wedding offers you a completely blank canvas to design according to your vision. With an indoor venue, though you may fall in love with a few features, there are so many aspects you cannot change like the flooring, wall color, architecture, view, layout. God forbid you fall in love with the giant windows overlooking Lake Erie but the wall colors completely clash with your color scheme. With a tent wedding, you don’t have to worry about that. “A tent also serves as a beautiful backdrop to enjoy and celebrate your big day. It can be a décor element in and of itself, or it can be customized to mirror each bride’s individual vision of their space!” says Duqum of Aable Rents. You can rent different sizes and styles and decorate it any way you’d like. That means hanging features, chandeliers, pillars, arches, a custom dance floor, and more!

However, Ben from All Events Rental wants to warn brides ahead of time what they’re getting into. “In terms of cost per square foot, tents are typically very reasonable,” he says. “But, you’re essentially creating your very own reception hall for the weekend, and that’s not cheap. Tables, chairs, linens, china, silverware, glassware, dance floor, lighting, restrooms – those are just a few of the costs associated with a tented wedding which are oftentimes included in the cost of brick and mortar reception hall.”

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3&8 Photography


Because of the new features like walls and heating, you can get married outside any day of the year! Celebrate a New Year’s Eve wedding with a gorgeous view of the fireworks! Or a dreamy February wedding gazing upon the freshly fallen snow blanketing the venue grounds around you while you dance away in a dry and climate-controlled tent. Outdoor weddings aren’t just for the summer anymore! With a tent, you can celebrate your love for nature without having to wait until June rolls around.

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Lang Thomas Photography

indecisive no more

If you just can’t decide between an outdoor or indoor reception, a tent is the perfect solution ! You can layout a tent however you like. Serve the dinner and cakes inside the tent but the drinks and dancing in the open air! Hang twinkling lights like in the picture above and enjoy the beauty of both the indoors and outdoors.

Features We love

air conditioning and heaters

Along with your tent rental, you can also include a heater or air-conditioning! These are perfect additions for cooler weather or muggy evenings. Don’t conform your wedding according to Mother Nature’s rules! Make your own!

diverse structures

There is a large selection of tent rentals! From the traditional pole tent to frame tents, your options are limitless! If you dream of dancing under the stars, opt for a clear ceiling which will also let in a lot of natural light.

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Michael Radford Photography

chandeliers and hanging fixtures

We’re obsessed with the newest trend of hanging fixtures. Tents are one of the best places to utilize them because of their blank canvas! Choose from options like an extravagant chandelier, rustic light fixture, or beautiful floral garlands. These will add a unique and one-of-a-kind touch to your decor with this jaw-dropping accent.


If you’re afraid that wind will sweep away your gorgeous centerpieces or knock over tables of your buffet catering, opt for a tent that has walls. This will avoid any environmental catastrophes. Plus, it will keep any bugs away, and will ensure your tent stays at the perfect temperature.

Tent Wedding | Genevieve Nisly Photography | As seen on

Genevieve Nisly Photography


“Make sure you talk to an expert to determine that everything you want in the tent will fit. We have customers call up and tell us they want a tent for 150 people. But they forget to add in room for food tables, a bar, a dancefloor and so on.  These features can almost double the size of a tent,” advises Charlie from Miller’s Party Rental.

“Whether to rent a tent or not comes down to the end goal. It’s a case by case basis, keeping in mind budget, theme, and size,” says Charlie from Miller’s. Tent weddings are growing in popularity as brides recognize what a beautiful backdrop they can provide for their own wedding days. What’s better than customizing your wedding reception to be exactly as you’ve always imagined? The benefits are numerous and the possibilities are endless. Check out our Tent Wedding Pinterest board to get more ideas on how you can create the ultimate wedding venue!



Jade Brunet says:

My sister just got engaged, and we are currently deciding between venues. I like what was said about having a tent wedding because you can get married outside any day of the year. I did not realize that there were new features like walls and heating on the tents. I will bring up this option with my sister, thanks.

Lauren Jones says:

I am so happy for my little sister and her fiance to get married, and I want to help them with their wedding. It is good to know that a tent wedding offers a completely blank canvas to design according to your vision. I also like what was said about how a tent also serves as a beautiful backdrop. I will talk to my sister about this option, thanks.

Amanda Drew says:

I like how you point out that a tent wedding will let work for any design you’d want to do. My wedding is going to be married in August, and we want to have the event outside. It seems like we should find somewhere to rent a tent from for it.

Millie Hue says:

It got me when you said that having a tent wedding is popular these days since they can already become a nice backdrop. I will suggest this to my sister since she will be married soon. Her boyfriend just proposed to her last weekend, and they are going to start planning next year.

Millie Hue says:

I like that you pointed out that having a tent wedding will be able to give you a chance to have a blank canvas where you can design your venue based on what you want. I will share this tip with a friend of mine who just have been engaged with his girlfriend of five years. This will be perfect for both of them since I know that they are very creative people due to being artists in their respective genres.

I liked that you said that renting a tent for your wedding will offer you a blank canvas in which to create the celebration of your dreams. I would agree that renting supplies for an outdoor wedding will give you the artistic freedom of creating a theme that is unique to you and your spouse’s taste. I would conside renting a tent for my wedding so that I could transform the outdoor space into the perfect oasis for our special day.

My sister is thinking about doing a super small wedding later this summer because of Coronavirus, and she may only need a tent for the reception because it should fit everyone. Thank you for explaining that a tent will be like a blank canvas so that my sister can put in her rustic style and decorations. Plus, it’s nice that there are so many tent sizes and styles to choose from.

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