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Handling Bad Weather on your Wedding Day


Remembering to grab your own umbrella is one thing, but it’s a much bigger task to worry about keeping yourself and your guests dry and entertained at an outdoor wedding. Sure, it’s impossible to know exactly what kind of weather your wedding day will bring. But with some planning, you can prevent bad weather from ruining your big day.

In case of heat

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Wedding Sophisticate Etsy

  • You’ll need to weather-proof your makeup for a summer celebration – no bride enjoys having foundation running down her face. Talk to your stylist to come up with a look that works.
  • Use fan-style programs – they’re creative and functional.
  • Hand out mini battery-operated fans as favors. Guests will definitely appreciate the gesture on a muggy day!
  • Serve beverages before and after the ceremony. Most guests won’t have time to stop and get a drink somewhere, but they might love to grab a lemonade on the way to their seats.
  • Strategically place a few electric fans to blow over the crowd.
  • Consider getting air conditioning for an outdoor tent, especially if your guests will be dancing there.
  • If your reception takes place during evening hours, the heat and lights in the tent could become a magnet for mosquitoes and other annoying insects. Your tent vendor may have suggestions.

In case of wind

  • Have hair spray and bobby pins on hand for your hair.
  • Designate someone to smooth down your dress and veil.
  • Anchor floral arrangements with landscaping stakes to keep them from toppling over.

In case of cold

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Jadie Foto

  • Have a shawl or sweater on hand. You may not want to wear it during your ceremony or pictures, but it will come in handy the rest of the time.
  • Rent propane patio heaters to keep your guests warm.
  • Keep warm beverages on standby — think coffee, tea, cocoa, and hot apple cider.

In case of rain

  • Wear waterproof makeup.
  • Choose shoes that won’t sink into the ground, or stick rubber/plastic protectors on your heels.
  • On your wedding website, encourage guests to bring umbrellas, just in case.
  • Buy inexpensive umbrellas in your wedding colors for guests who forget to bring their own or for a fun photo-op with your wedding party.
  • Ask the coordinator at your ceremony/reception venue if they have an indoor backup plan.
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LMAC Photography

For any of the elements

  • Rent a party tent. It will keep your guests from getting rained on or even sunburned. For a potentially windy or rainy day, choose a tent with walls. You always have the option to air condition or heat such tents, too.
  • Choose a venue where you can easily move an outdoor wedding indoors if conditions are too extreme.

Your invites should clearly indicate that the reception is outdoors, so guests can dress accordingly.  You should also inform all of your vendors — whether it’s the DJ, the caterer, the photographer, or the cake decorator — that you’re having an outdoor wedding. Some vendors will want to take extra precautions or use different equipment.


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