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Creative Ways to Announce your Engagement


Did your engagement even happen if it isn’t Facebook and Instagram official? Sharing a photo and updated status on your social media may be as “Millennial” as it gets, but it’s the most convenient way to let everyone you care about know you’re engaged! For a more creative announcement than the overused “I Said Yes!” caption with a photo of your ring, check out some of the ideas below!

Proposal Shoot

Grooms, listen up! One of the best decisions you can make when planning your proposal is to ask someone to take a photo. Whether you hire a professional or ask friends/family to hide, your fiance will 10000% appreciate having the perfect shot of that special moment. Trust us.

If you’re proposing at night, make sure the proposal spot is lit well for the best quality. You may even want to ask 2 people to get photos so you have a variety of shots and angles to choose from. Bonus points if you can get photos on both an Android and an iPhone! Posting an action shot of the proposal online is not only gorgeous eye-candy, but will make your friends and family feel like they were part of this special moment.

Pop the Bubbly

Engagement Announcement | too much awesomeness | As seen on
too much awesomeness

The subtlety of this photo can be a blessing or a curse. It doesn’t immediately scream “We’re engaged!” but it pretty clearly shows excitement and celebration. It’s vague-ness is what makes it unique and unexpected! Pair it with a cute or romantic caption to let your followers know just what you’re celebrating.

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Use your Babies – Human or Fur!

Your babies are part of your family and a huge part of your life. This marriage will impact their every day as much as it will yours, so why not include them in your announcement? Having your son or daughter hold a sign that says “Mommy and Daddy are getting married” is SURE to get all the likes. Who can resist that cuteness?! Just as cute is having your fur babies pose with a sign that says “Our humans are getting married” and the engagement ring.

Save the Date

Engagement Announcement | John Paul Studios | As seen on
John Paul Studios

You probably won’t have a date picked out as soon as he or she pops the question. Therefore, if you go with this announcement, you’ll have to wait until after your engagement photos are taken. Share your exciting news with your closest loved ones in person, via phone call, or at an engagement party. Then, after you’ve had time to take it all in, you can share it with the world using a photo like this! As the name suggests, this can be the perfect photo to use for your save-the-dates, too.

A Subtle Show & Tell

Engagement | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on
Sabrina Hall Photography

This engagement announcement is slightly different than what you’re used to seeing all over social media. It’s casual and subtle, yet still gets the message across. You don’t even need a caption! Simply post the photo with a ring or bride emoji and your friends will go crazy blowing up your comments. The downside to a photo like this is that the one who did all the work isn’t featured in the photo. We suggest including a few photos in the post, alongside a close-up casual photo of the ring.

What did you do to announce your engagement? Did you have someone there to take a picture of the proposal? Comment with your stories, suggestions, or your favorite option, below!

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Brooke says:

We got engaged on stage at a concert club where her aunt and cousins were present. I arranged to have my friend record the whole thing, so we used that video as our announcement. We’re planning on having our fur baby involved in our engagement photos for the save the dates, though! I really like the idea of the “pop the bubbly” subtlety photos though!

Mandy Robinson says:

I really enjoyed reading this post! Letting everyone know we were engaged is one of my most favorite memories!

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