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Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding


Do you want your guests snapping Insta-worthy pics and sharing your hashtag or would you prefer them to enjoy the moment? If you want each of your guests to be present and to leave the photos to the professionals, consider an unplugged wedding.

When approaching the idea of having an unplugged wedding, keep in mind that THIS IS YOUR DAY. You are not selfish by asking your guests to comply with your wishes, and you don’t have to defend your decisions. There are a crazy amount of reasons to why you should have an unplugged wedding, but here are some of our favorites.

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David Stubbs Photography

Leave it to the Professionals

You’ve paid A LOT of money for your Photographer to take flawless, professional-quality photographs. If your guests are all trying to get the best picture to get the most likes on Instagram, they could ruin those professional shots you’ve paid thousands of dollars for. Not to mention, ruin the moment you’ve been dreaming of forever! If anyone is sharing photos of your wedding on social media, it should be you with professional, high-quality photos. Not your college roomie with a grainy Android pic.


Interrupting the Ceremony

Imagine walking down the aisle toward your beloved, waiting for you. Suddenly, your great aunt steps out into the aisle, blocking your view of your fiance, and snaps a few pictures on her phone. You realize that the majority of your guests have their cameras pointing toward you, and all you can see is the flash of cameras snapping instead of the beaming smile on your soon-to-be spouse’s face. Similarly, there’s always that one person who forgets to put their phone on silent. Do you want electronic beeps interrupting the most sentimental and emotional moment of your life?

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Kirstie Tweed Photography

Experiencing the Moment

By enforcing an unplugged policy, you’ll be encouraging your guests to *gasp* interact with each other and mingle! It will also ensure that your guests experience the moment. This happens at concerts, a lot, too. How many times have you been recording your favorite song at a concert before you realized that you were watching everything through your 4-inch screen when your favorite artist is standing right in front of you singing your favorite song LIVE! Similarly, if wedding attendees are forbidden to use their phones, they’ll take at the moment and absorb the love that you and your fiance are radiating.

Sharing on Social Media

Finally, this moment is private. The majority of the time your guests are taking pictures to share it on social media, but you invited who you invited because you wanted to share this intimate moment with them, right? If someone wasn’t invited, chances are you didn’t feel like you had a close enough connection to share that moment with them. Why should they see it on social media just because your cousin decided to share it? You should have a say in what gets posted online about your wedding and when it gets posted.

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If you have an unplugged wedding:

Do be specific. If you just don’t want any pictures shared on social media – like Facebook or Instagram – specify that. If you don’t want any interaction with cell phones at all – no calls, texting, or photos – make sure your guests are aware of your stipulations.

Don’t confiscate your guests’ phones as they arrive.

Do make sure your guests know of your wishes beforehand. If you don’t announce it on your invitations or wedding website, make sure to have ample signage letting your guests know and have your officiant announce it before the ceremony begins. Here’s everything else your guests need to know beforehand!

Don’t require an unplugged reception. While it’s completely acceptable and understandable to want an unplugged ceremony, it stretches a bit too far when you carry it on to the reception. Plus, wedding hashtags are super fun to have at your reception!

Do assure your guests that you will share your professional photos of the ceremony with them.

Remember, this is your wedding day. You don’t want iPhone flashes and incoming calls to ruin it, but you also don’t want to deal with the drama of angry guests. Make sure to approach this topic with care and acknowledge your guests’ complaints, but be confident in how you envision your ceremony.


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I appreciate you takinjg the time and effort to put this information together.

I once again find myself spending a lot off time both reading and commenting.

But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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