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Creating Your Wedding Hashtag


A wedding hashtag is a must have for every wedding – even unplugged ceremonies! Your guests will have fun snapping and posting photos from the reception! Hashtags are a fun way for guests to get involved in your wedding. You’ll be able to see photos that you might have overlooked before! Your guests will share the moment they receive their invitation. They’ll post photos of their road trip to your venue. And you’ll get a different perspective of the ceremony and reception! Plus, they’re all conveniently found under one searchable hashtag.

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Sabrina Hall Photography

Creating your hashtag is supposed to be a fun process. If you and your fiancé’s names don’t match up perfectly like Brangelina (RIP), don’t stress out. Just relax and remember these quick and easy tips.

Start with your names.

Think of the nicknames you were given as a child. What did your college roommate use to call you? Embrace the embarrassing nicknames that your grandma has always called you. If you don’t focus on only your first and last names, you will be able to come up with a more creative and personalized hashtag.

Don’t be afraid to get a little punny.

You may think hashtags with an obvious pun are cheesy, that is the fun of it.  Your guests are more likely to remember a cheesy pun when they’re posting photos.

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Malick Photo

Don’t get overwhelmed.

If you cannot think of a super unique hashtag, don’t worry! It’s okay to make something simple and timeless like “SarahAndBill2017.” No one will care if there’s no fun wordplay. The purpose is to make it easy for everyone to look back through photos from your special day.

Ask for help.

If you are still worried about trying to think of something creative, there are websites that will help you create a personalized wedding hashtag. Type in your names and the date of your wedding, and it will create a list for you to pick from.


There are many benefits to having an unplugged wedding, but hashtags are fun to use for the preparations and reception! Share your wedding hashtag with us on Twitter or Facebook!

Wedding Hashtag | Love is All You Need Photography | As seen on

Love is All You Need Photography

As long as you have fun when trying to decide what your hashtag will be, that is all that matters. Get your wedding party together to brainstorm ideas and bond! No matter how simple or hilarious the hashtag is, it will still be able to show you the timeless photos that your friends and family posted every time you search it.


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