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Questions about Transportation you should ask Yourself


When you imagine your grand getaway, do you envision a sleek classic car or a formal stretch limo? Maybe you’ve always dreamt of escaping on the back of a scooter or horse-drawn carriage! Whatever your vision, there are a few questions you need to keep in mind before booking.

Who is riding with you?

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Note that the ceremony departure and the reception departure happen hours apart, and you may have two different visions of these getaways in mind. Most newlywed couples leave before the reception is officially over, but if your wedding party rode in a party bus with you, they’ll be stuck with no way back to their cars or hotel. You’ve probably also had numerous visions of you and your new spouse riding off in the backseat of a vintage car or driving a sleek sports car. If you want to celebrate with your wedding party after the ceremony, but share an intimate moment with your new spouse after the reception, you may want to hire two different vehicles.


How long should you hire the service for?

If you plan to use the same vehicle for your ceremony and reception departures, you’ll need to hire a service for 4-6 hours. This will ensure you have enough time to get from the ceremony to the reception, enjoy dinner and dancing, and depart your reception. Note that if you plan to go to a separate photo location between the ceremony and reception, you’ll have to add at least another hour and a half to the contract.


How far are you traveling?

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When choosing a vehicle, consider the distance between your ceremony location and your reception site. If they’re more than 10 minutes apart or you have to get on a highway, quaint vehicles like a vintage bike, horse-drawn carriage, or hay-bale wagon aren’t practical. You should also consider the path you’ll take, as serpentine roads and party bus dancing are ingredients for a disaster.

The last thing a bride wants is to be late on her wedding day. Figuring out the details for your wedding transportation and planning an itinerary is key to making sure that everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there.


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