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Do you want to show off your work to thousands of brides? Submit your photos and the couple’s information below for consideration!


Real Weddings: We would like to see the entire wedding, so we can tell a complete wedding story.

Styled Shoot: Show off your creative muscles and share the results with us.

Featured Photos: Photos that will help us illustrate our magazine articles and blogs.

All images will be considered for print and online.

What we are looking for:

  • Professional Quality Images or Videos
  • Appropriately Sized Images (at least 300 dpi for printing)
  • Couples Information
  • Description
  • Vendor Credits
  • Comprehensive Set of Images That Tell The Story of The Day (50 images minimum)

Today’s Bride has the right to reject any submission if we cannot contact the couple or the photos are not acceptable for publication. 

It’s a diverse universe. Help us portray all aspects of love by sharing diverse couples!

NOTE: Although we would love exclusive rights, we do not require them.  However, we would like to ask that you don’t publish them in other local publications for up to 6 months after we publish them.

Photo Checklist:

  • Bouquet & Floral Elements
  • Bride (Solo) 
  • Bride & Groom 
  • Bride, Groom, & Wedding Party Getting Ready
  • Bridesmaids & Wedding Party
  • Gown and/or Bridal Accessories 
  • Ceremony 
  • Decor & Lighting
  • Cake & Desserts
  • Favors
  • Invitations & Stationery
  • Reception Table(s)
  • Rings