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Escort cards 101


Now that you’ve seen the beautiful couple say “I do” and shed a few tears, it’s now time to mingle with friends and show off those dance moves you only pull out during special occasions. As you approach the reception area, you are greeted by a table of escort cards inviting you to find that special one with your name and table number on it, which will guide you to your designated table for the evening.

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Upon arriving at your specially selected table, the bride & groom might also have carefully placed what is called a place card at each chair, placing you at your designated spot at the table to enjoy the evening’s celebration.


An easy way to remember the difference between escort cards and place cards is to remember that:

Escort cards

escort guests to their specific tables.

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Place cards

Tells guests where to sit at the table, and they can also be used to alert wait staff of special menu requests or food allergies.

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Neither of these items is a must-have at weddings. They hold many valuable roles in ensuring a desirable wedding day. When choosing whether to have assigned seating at your reception, consider that a structured plan is best.

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Cavanaugh Photography


Instead of making your guests guess, you can send them directly to the spot you chose just for them. Now you can carefully select where each guest sits. You can place those certain family members who don’t get along at opposite tables. You’ll be grateful.


The escort card table is the first impression guests get before entering the reception. It is a great way to set the tone for your wedding. While it’s perfectly acceptable to choose something simple, this is also a great opportunity to introduce the theme.

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For those of you who opt for the more standard route, a simple flower arrangement or candles can glam up any escort card display.  No matter how simple or elegant. Rest assured that your wedding day will flow a little more easily with just a little planning beforehand.

Check back soon for a look at some of our unique ideas for escort card displays.


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